Monday, February 25, 2013

During My Break From Blogging...

I realize it's been about a week and a half (except for yesterday) since I last published a blog post. My sweet blog friend, Michelle, even checked in on me via email. My intention was not to stop blogging, but it just sort of happened. There's been plenty to blog about, but I haven't felt like spending much time on the computer lately. You know what? It's been sort of nice.

My husband hates the mall with a passion, but I managed to get him there to buy me a belated 30th birthday gift. I'd been dreaming of owning Flowerbomb for quite some time, and now it's finally mine. Yum. I want to bathe in that delicious scent, but it's a little pricey for that. I suppose I'll spritz it on my wrists and neck instead. It lasts longer that way.

While we enjoyed some coffee and The New York Times, my husband almost forgot we were at the mall. The Florida Mall has a two story Starbucks, so you can perch yourself near a second floor balcony and escape the crowds for a little while.

yes, he hates the mall

While at the mall I even managed to squeeze in visits to a few other stores, including Lush. Walking into that store you're overwhelmed with so many great scents. After buying an incredible smelling bath bomb, I've never been so excited to take a bath since Mr. Bubble. Lush makes bath time fun for adults. My Twilight bath bomb is supposed to help you relax, so I'm trying to save it for a 'rough' day. More than likely I'll just cave and use it to help me sleep better.

We ate at a new (to us) restaurant on our way home from the mall. Unfortunately, the food and drinks weren't the greatest at Rocco's Tacos. The interior design and restaurant location were awesome though. I think if we went back, I'd only eat the guacamole and drink beer. The food prices were rather overpriced for the quality and taste, so I think next time we'll save a little extra money and eat somewhere that's supposed to have great food... like The Ravenous Pig, Luma, The Rusty Spoon, or Prato. Has anyone reading this eaten at any of these places in Orlando?

the bar at Rocco's Tacos

I told my husband that we've been spoiled by eating at too many good restaurants over the years. Florida restaurants have a lot to live up to, so we're hoping to find some favorites soon.

The weather this past weekend was perfect! We enjoyed the pool at our apartment for the first time since we moved here in January. It was sunny with the perfect breeze to keep you cool. We loved it. The temperatures were great for walking outside too. We know this isn't going to last for long before it's sweltering!

enjoying the Florida sunshine

If you're still here, thanks for reading through all of that! Maybe next time I won't wait ten days to share, but maybe I will. There are times when you just need to step away from technology and spend more time with people. The last week and a half has been that kind of time for me, and it was good.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!


  1. Sometimes a break is all you need :)

  2. Breaks are good. :) I was starting to worry about ya, though! Glad you finally picked up your flowerbomb! I know how that goes. I've been obsessed with this one scent since I was a kid and I still feel weird asking for it because perfume is ExPENsive! Sheesh! Happy Monday! Looks like you've been happily unplugged!

  3. I see you made it to the park! :)
    Enjoy your blog break, sometimes they're needed.