Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Sunday Currently | 16

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First off, thank you all for the birthday wishes!
I had a wonderful surprise birthday trip to Michigan.
My husband really outdid himself on that one. :)

reading I just bought The Homecoming of Samuel Lake... to begin reading soon.
writing just this blog post for right now.
listening to clocks ticking in the background. It's fairly quiet around here, and I've been napping on and off today.
thinking how it really stinks that I developed a cold/sinus infection during my trip to Michigan. Hopefully it doesn't hang around for long!
smelling nothing. My nose is stuffed up, so I can't smell very well right now.
wishing that I didn't have a throbbing head each time I stand. I rarely get sick, so I'm a big baby when I don't feel well.
hoping that this cold goes away as quickly as it came.
wearing some pajama pants and a long sleeve shirt with the Great Lakes on it.
loving my whirlwind 30th birthday trip to Michigan. My husband really surprised me, and I was so happy to spend time with family and friends on my birthday.
wanting lots of sleep and to feel better soon.
needing ( see above )
feeling super thankful, loved, and happy to be married to a wonderful man.
clicking nothing, because I'm about to go rest on the couch again. I promise that I'll get back to you all soon! Thanks again for the birthday wishes!

Happy Sunday


  1. I hope you get feeling better soon!

  2. Aww, happy birthday!! It sounds like you have been blessed with a great husband! What a nice surprise! I hope your cold goes away soon, and not to worry - you're certainly not the only one listening to Macklemore! :)

  3. Feel better soon! What a sweet husband you have! I'm glad your birthday was so much fun.

  4. so, so happy you had a great birthday trip to michigan. how sweet of your husband to think up such a wonderful surprise!

    i LOVE the sound of ticking clocks. justin & i were perusing our favorite local antiques shop the other day, & i stumbled upon a collection of old clocks, all ticking away at different rhythms. i had a moment. haha.

    i hope you get to feeling better soon - this season is just full of sickness & i hate it! justin & i have been waking up with sinus problems almost every day. it's just no fun at all.

    i hope you have a great week! :)

  5. Hope the sun keeps away your cold. Can't wait to hear about your trip to Michigan! Feel better!

  6. Hoping you feel better soon! Looking forward to hearing about Michigan!!!

  7. Happy Birthday and yay, yay, yay for a trip home!!! What a wonderful surprise :)

  8. Your hubby is the sweetest. What a great present and surprise!

    I so badly want to see some snow. I'll pretend not to be jealous over here in our 80F Texas weather as I go through your Michigan trip photos ;)

  9. Hope you're feeling better this week! Glad to find someone else that does the Sunday currently!


  10. Happy Belated Birthday Ashley!!! Hope you had an amazing day!

    Janette Lane