Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Sunday Currently | 17

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we enjoyed dinner at the Melting Pot for our 3rd anniversary

reading on our trip to Michigan I bought The Homecoming of Samuel Lake and hope to get going on it soon.
writing there hasn't been a lot of writing going on here, but I have been drawing and painting a little bit since I got a fun birthday gift from my aunt. I just might do a little painting today.
listening to the sounds of kids playing on the playground outside. There's lots of hollering and squealing going on out there.
thinking that it was really nice getting out and going for a bike ride yesterday. I'm also thinking about how we could really use some more regular exercise!
smelling not a whole lot since I'm still sort of congested.
wishing that my cold would go away and I'd feel 100% again.
hoping this cooler weather stays around for a little while.
wearing pink pajama pants and a grey t-shirt. I'm thinking of heading to Walgreen's soon, so I should probably change out of my pajamas, huh?
loving that we enjoyed some nachos and two beers at a restaurant last night for just $5. We weren't feeling very healthy afterwards, but we did feel rather thrifty. I'm also loving that I finally ordered the adorable owl warmer from Scentsy with some of my birthday money.
wanting to feel better, eat healthier, and exercise more.
needing something to eat for lunch... it will most likely be oatmeal with walnuts and brown sugar. Yum.
feeling pretty thankful for quite a few things actually. Giving thanks is a good thing.
clicking there are so many blogs I need to catch up on, so hopefully I'll be clicking through some of them today!

Happy Sunday

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  1. Happy Anniversary!

    I love that you spent only $5 last night...I would feel proud of myself too. Love feeling thrifty. And I know what you mean about not feeling healthy after splurging on some junk food. Sometimes I think my stomach is just designed for healthy stuff! Whenever I do decide to treat myself to something not so good I feel a little ill afterwards!

  2. Ohhh Melting Pot is a great idea for an anniversary! I love fondue! How did you spend $5 on nachos and beer? That is amazing. We have a dive bar nearby that does 2 for $2 tacos but nachos are way better! Feel better. It seems like we are all under the weather. :(

  3. I love the Melting Pot! Isn't fondue the most delicious thing ever?! Also, $5 for a night out? What a bargain eater, you are! I love that, too. Happy Anniversary!

  4. i hope y'all had a happy anniversary & enjoyed your melting pot dinner! i've only been there once, but it was delish. i'm really behind on blogs, too, so i'm about to jump into catching up on all of that.

    have a great week :)

  5. Happy Anniversary! The melting pot... yummmm. :) So much for the cold weather -today was HOT!