Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Friday, Friends! Take a Look Around You

Lately I've been in a bit of a funk. I don't blog nearly as often as I used to, and I'm having a hard time dedicating time to brainstorming and writing new blog posts. Not to mention, our lives don't feel all that exciting or blog-worthy lately. We both have irregular work schedules, and we hardly know what tomorrow, let alone next week, will bring. I doubt you all want to hear about what tasteless and cheap meal we threw together a couple of nights ago, and you could probably care less about what television shows we watched on our day off together. Right?

No matter how boring our lives have been lately.... let's remember that today is Friday! Even if you have nothing exciting planned and your life may seem boring, look around you and realize there are so many things to be thankful for around you! Sunsets are free, and they take place every night. Walks around the neighborhood are a nice way to wind down after a long day too. There's always something to do.

My husband and I may not have tons of time on our hands to do fun and exciting things, and we surely don't have tons of extra money laying around to pay for visits to Disney World and Busch Gardens. However, one thing we have time and money for is a little sunset 'show' at one of our local beaches. After all, we live in Florida now. We might as well take advantage of the good stuff.


{ never mind the child making noises in the background... lol }

Happy Friday!
Enjoy what life has to offer.


  1. Here's what I say. DO WHAT YOU WANT. I took about ohhh the summer off of blogging and whoooo cares. It's nice to be back to the community, but it really made me realize that's it's ok not to have a "blogworthy" life every day. Isn't blogging fascinating? Anyways, I cleaned out my blogroll and only left a handful of the girls I really enjoy reading (like you!). Enjoy your weekend girl! Take it easy :)

  2. The sunset is beautiful! You are not alone in being in a funk maybe it's just that time of year...hope you feel better!

  3. WOW. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! AHHH!!!!

    Your blog isn't suppose to impress US. It's 'YOUR' journal. You post whenever you want about whatever you want sweet friend. We all have our funks. Shoot, show us pictures of the little things that make you happy or smile on your walks or at the beach :)

    Enjoy the cooler weather!!


  4. such a beautiful sun set :) love love love.

  5. Your blog is your place and you can write about whatever you want! Don't worry about us!

    Florida looks beautiful!

  6. Love the colors in that sunset. Gorgeous. And Michelle is right. It's your space and your blog, and by golly you should be able to write/blog/document anything and everything you want. Even a cozy little dinner for two that you and your hubby enjoyed together!

    Miss you friend. Hope you're doing well.