Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You (Not So) Little Ship

I am a little late in sharing this, but we visited downtown Saint Petersburg, Florida over Labor Day weekend. Initially, while listening to the radio in the car, we heard about a naval ship being docked at the port in town. My husband and I both wanted to see the ship, because the radio announcer had described it as looking like the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. We were definitely not disappointed.

The USS Independence was docked in Saint Petersburg, Florida over Labor Day weekend, and the Navy gave away a limited number of free tickets to tour the ship. Unfortunately, my husband and I both had to work on the day of the tours, but we still had a fun time viewing the USS Independence from shore. There were quite a few people ogling the ship while we were there, and a local news channel even filmed right next to us. You have no idea how badly we both wanted to jump behind the news woman and get in their shot. Many people wanted to set their sights upon the unique naval ship while it was docked in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

We wrapped up our viewing of the USS Independence with a visit to the restaurant at Albert Whitted Airport. Nothing like watching planes land and takeoff while eating some chicken wings and sipping on a cold adult beverage. My husband and I spent some time dreaming about owning our own airplane and how amazing it would be having the ability to fly into a small town and eat somewhere new for the day. Nothing like dreaming about the possibilities.

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Come back tomorrow for more photos from downtown Saint Petersburg, Florida.
I'll be sharing some photos I took near the Dali Museum.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Ahh, our hometown! It's so beautiful and relaxing there! And surprisingly enough, my mothe-in-law helped design the Dali Museum ;)

  2. I'm excited for the Dali pictures!

    I had a friend who worked for an airline and used to get to ride free and he'd take day trips to random places all the time - how cool would that be?

  3. Hey Rachel, my husband is a pilot for a major airline... but we don't really get the chance to take day trips at all. That's why we thought it would be fun having our own airplane haha. (:

  4. Hi! I stumbled across your blog today and love it! Saint Petersburg is such an awesome place! :)