Wednesday, September 7, 2011

All Grown Up

Over the years I've learned to like wearing dresses. This jeans and t-shirt girl has really come a long way. Call it maturity, or maybe just call it instant ventilation in a very humid climate, but who's keeping track? I still have a long way to go though, because skirts still kind of scare me. Maybe it's the fact that they make me feel a little too exposed, and I love how a dress hugs me. Skirts just don't do the same thing for me as dresses do. Call me crazy.

A few days ago I did put on my big girl pants, or skirt if you will. I was feeling compulsive, so I threw on a skirt with a new top and belted myself in for the ride. Some people do much more dangerous things that just throw on a skirt when they're feeling compulsive, so the situation could have turned out much worse. Skirts aren't so bad after all.

 sunglasses ( similar )  |  sandals ( similar )

1. Just because I'm wearing a skirt like a grown up, doesn't mean I have to spend a lot on my clothes. I recently bought this top from Anthropologie in two different colors since I loved it so much. This fall I'll be wearing layers under it as well. This top looks great tucked into high waists, and it looks nice with or without a belt too. It should easily last more than one season, and making smart clothing decisions makes me feel more grown up than just putting on a skirt does.

2. My blue and yellow necklace is made of handmade paper beads. Parts of the proceeds benefit the Bluma Project and women's cooperatives in Rwanda and Ghana.

3. Speaking of jewelry, lately I've been putting together some friendship bracelets. I made this blue bracelet out of yarn, and I learned not to make them out of the soft and furry yarn again. Lesson learned. Being a grown up is all about not making the same mistakes twice. You know, like wearing white to someone else's wedding.

Wearing skirts with pockets makes the transition from jeans slightly more easy. Jumping straight to a pencil skirt would be like setting yourself up for failure. Trust me. I bought this skirt at Forever21. The pockets are great, and so was the price. I only buy skirts with pockets.... all grown up here.

4. I wear these gladiator sandals pretty often, but the look really isn't complete without colorful toenails. You may already know that, when it comes to polish, I'm a bit of an Essie and OPI snob. You can see a few of my favorites ( here | here | here ). Essie and OPI polishes typically stay on for days without chipping, and the colors are playful with sometimes entertaining names. I seriously need to figure out how to get into the nail polish naming business. Best job ever.

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Don't be fooled. Skirts make me no more grown up than driving a car does. Now a pencil skirt, that might make me more mature. The jury is still out on that one. Only time will tell.


  1. Look at you! Got your blog swag back AND looking all grown up!!!! ;) Love this outfit! Looks comfy and perfect for this weather. Love ya pretty friend <3

  2. I am also an Essie/OPI snob. :D I also prefer dresses over skirts too. But this look is super cute! I love the colors you pulled in with the jewelry. :)

  3. Lovely outfit! I really like the fun touch the necklaces add to your "grown up" outfit :)


  4. Super cute outfit! And I hear friendship bracelets are all the rage this fall! Good job putting your "big girl pants" on! You look fabulous!

  5. Or wearing heels? That is full-on adult with no intentions of looking back!! ;-) Your outfit is way cute-- just adorable!

  6. I used to be SO afraid of skirts. Finally I started making myself wear them, and now pants seem weird haha. That skirt looks great though. And I really like that necklace.

  7. You look adorable! You look grown-up, but also very chic :)