Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Saint Petersburg: The Dali Museum

If you read yesterday's blog post, you will notice that I'm very delayed in writing about our Labor Day weekend. After viewing the USS Independence in Saint Petersburg's port, we found ourselves wandering around the Dali Museum's property.

Spanish artist Salvador Dali is probably best known for his paintings of melting clocks, but he has so many other amazing pieces of art. His Metamorphosis of Narcissus is one of my favorite pieces. I cannot wait to actually get inside of the museum one of these days.

Not only do I want to get inside of the museum and view Dali's art, but I also want to experience the museum's architecture. The world famous HOK Architects designed the museum, and if the interior is anything near as amazing as the exterior then I will be a happy girl.

{ Can you spot me in the photo? }

{ a bench, complete with crutch and melting clock, outside of the museum }

{ gorgeous reflections on museum glass }

I really cannot wait to get inside of the museum some day soon! The grounds around the museum are incredible. I have tons more photos from outside of the museum, so I may share a few more with you tomorrow. The weather feels like it has slightly cooled off here in Florida. I'm looking forward to it cooling down further! Is summer over yet where you live?


  1. Visiting Dali's house was my favorite part of our trip to Spain. The guys was a real nut and/or genious depending on your view. I had no idea there was a museum in St. Pete.

    Glad your getting to explore with Nate!

  2. how awesome! I was so intrigued by Dali in my art history class in college!

  3. Woah. This is wayy neat.

    Your photgraphy is beautiful, too.

    I'm loving your blog, girl! I'm definitely going to lurk around a little more. Ha ha.

  4. That museum looks totally awesome! I would love to see it someday! Your photos look GREAT!