Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Sunset for Saturday!

Yesterday we experienced our first sunset as Florida residents. It was pretty amazing. The couple that we talked with on the pier were really excited for us and hopeful that we will love Florida. All in all, we had a nice night and a lovely sunset to top it off!

Instead of talking about the sunset, I'd like to show you.

Here goes.

The sunset was beautiful, and I hear that no two sunsets are alike. We have a lot to look forward to here in Florida.

Where have you witnessed the best sunsets?
Was it on vacation, or was it right outside your back door at home?


  1. Beautiful Ashley! I think that I witnessthe best sunsets anytime that I'm at the beach. There's just something about the reflection in the water as the sun goes down that's just so amazing! Thanks for sharing! I'm so glad that you all are enjoying your new home! :)

  2. Absolutely Breathtaking Pictures -- I love sunsets in the mountains or at the beach. Since I'm in Idaho -- I'll go for the mountains. -- Enjoy your new home. :)

  3. Beautiful!! My favorite sunset was while I was on vacation in Waikiki. The sunset was a glorious pink reflecting in the water, and the photos were amazing. In New Zealand our sunsets are gorgeous, lots of pinks and purples! Hope you are settling in well!

  4. Glad to see your having fun (sounds like it at least) in FL! If we ever get down there we'll have to sit on the beach with a drink!

  5. I heard the sunsets in Florida are beautiful! It looks like Florida is being good to y'all so far. Have a great Sunday Ashley :)


  6. Wow your sunset pictures are incredible! How fun! And I would say the best sunsets are here in Colorado in my backyard...not kidding they are amazing!

    And the Harry Potter part of the Universal Studios was pretty fun so I would say try and make it out there if you like Harry Potter hehe.

    Ashley Sloan

  7. took some beautiful pictures! I think the sunsets are always prettiest at the beach. There is just something so pretty about them when they are over water.

  8. Your photos are absolutely stunning. I'm completely mesmerized by them. My favorite sunset was on this little secluded beach in Mahahual, Mexico. Ah, wish I could just take myself back there!!

  9. How pretty!!!! The best sunsets, I've seen are in Arizona. That's where I'm from.
    So, I moved to CA and you moved to FL. We my not like CO. =) Hope you are adjusting well!!

  10. The clarity of the first photo is unreal! and the rest of them are just beautiful. I hope we'll see lots more of the beautiful sunsets you'll get to see:D
    lucky girl.

  11. Goooorgeous photos!! We have had some beautiful nights out on the water this summer already too, so fun! That dock picture is stunning!