Friday, June 17, 2011

Goodbye Winter, Hello Life in Florida

Hey there friends! I'm taking a little break from unpacking and hanging clothing in closets to play a little blog catch up. Yes, I know we've had days to get organized in our new apartment, but we just haven't done it yet. Today you'll hear me saying, "Goodbye North Face fleece" and "So long warm and comfortable winter boots".

You see. Since we just relocated to Florida from Colorado, we won't be seeing much of our winter gear any time really soon. I've stashed most of our cold weather gear in the spare room. You know, where most of the unwanted things like uninvited guests winter jackets and old blankets belong. Actually, we plan on using this extra room mostly as on office space and a room for visitors. The only visitors I ever had in Colorado were my parents and a couple of friends for our wedding. Other than that, the people visiting Colorado were few. I think that maybe living in Florida will bring more visitors, but we'll see!

Currently the closet in our spare room looks like purgatory for winter clothing. We're not quite sure what to do with all of it. Do we give some away, keep it for our future trips to see family in Michigan and Colorado, or do we just hang on to it and hope for major snow in Florida this winter? Ha! I'm only kidding. We're not going to leave Florida to visit anyone this winter, so hopefully it dumps buckets of snow here this January. All kidding aside, we have tons of winter gear, including skis and snowboard, and we have little use for it all now. Until we can make up our minds, it looks like the spare closet is going to be packed full for a while.

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Just yesterday we ate at a restaurant called Molly Goodhead's in Ozona. The fried grouper sandwich was pretty amazing, and at that moment I realized that we really need to get fishing licenses and learn to fish for some dinner!

After eating our delicious dinner, we took a little drive and came across a nice little park and pier overlooking the water. The breeze made the humidity bearable, and we enjoyed watching the wildlife before sunset. We saw everything from small crabs to an assortment of birds. I think I could get used to this. Watching wildlife just might be one of my all-time favorite things to do!

While waiting for the sun to melt into the horizon, we met a really nice older couple who talked to us until the sun had made its exit for the evening. They had also lived in Michigan, which is where I grew up, and not to mention they knew of the lake that I grew up on as well. It's rare to find people who know of my hometown since it's so small. Talking with this couple was really comforting, because they really took the time getting to know us. I find that sharing commonalities with strangers is so comforting, because it really reminds us that we're much more alike that we think at first.

I have plenty more pictures where these came from.
Stay tuned in the next few days for
more photos from beautiful Florida!

p.s. We get our own internet next week. Thanks to our neighbor "Sampson" for unknowingly providing the internet service that made this blog post possible. (:


  1. I love transitioning my winter clothes for my summer ones. They're so much more fun (: BUT where to put the winter ones is always the question!! Great pics, Ash!

  2. Ahh North Face Fleece...aka..the official uniform of Colorado. I'd save a few winter items and donate the rest. If you move to a cold climate again, you'll just have to go shopping :)

  3. Gf! I have two containers of winter clothes. Id keep it til you get the really see what a fl winter is like and from there yall can determine what to keep and what to give away! Can I come visit yet?! ;) That beer looks sooo good!

    Have a lovely wknd!

  4. I'll come visit you, don't worry. Haha!

    In all seriousness though, I would hold onto the winter stuff - I know Florida doesn't get as cold as up north, but you never know what you might need!

    But really, if you want to invite me to visit you, I won't object... :)

  5. glad you're settling in well in FL, the pics are great :)

  6. you KNOW that come winter in Canada I will officially be jealous of your Florida living, right??
    Geez, ok, maybe I'm jealous already;)

  7. We don't really have a winter. All I have is a few jackets. That's what I do in the winter...put a jacket on over my tank top. Haha. Instant winter outfit.