Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sea the Potential: Our Office/Guest-room

Before moving to Florida, my husband and I never lived in anything bigger than a one bedroom apartment together. We're pretty happy with the "spare room" in our current apartment and the extra space that comes along with it. Having more than one bedroom is reason enough for celebration alone! Sadly, though, our first office/den/guest-room is kind of, sort of a mess. (See evidence below).

Obviously, at the moment, our office/guest-room looks like nothing more than a place to discard things that have no place. However, I think that with a miracle some more creative storage ideas, the floor will be clear sometime next year in no time. Seriously though, this will eventually be a room for relaxing and resting.

Our extra room will also be the place where I blog, scrapbook, and whatever else I feel like I wanna do. Gosh! (Sorry, now and then a little Napoleon Dynamite slips out). I know that our office/guest-room looks like a disaster area now, but I promise it will look much better once the new office desk arrives and things get put away in boxes and baskets in the shelving unit. Promise!

My major inspiration for this room is the sea. Honestly, growing up on a lake I've always loved the water, and if the color blue were any more soothing I'd be drooling right now. Now that my husband and I live in Florida, it seemed an obvious choice like he even had a choice to deck out our office in sea-inspired things. Heck, I may even print some photos I've taken recently and slap those up on the walls too. If you're a guest at our place, I hope you feel "at home on the beach" in our sea-inspired room.

I know it's hard to sea the potential of our office/guest-room at the moment, but I swear it will be a welcoming and organized room eventually. Try not to fret. {It's our bedroom closet that scares me the most}. Hopefully the desk I ordered arrives soon, and then I can put the pieces of the puzzle together. I can't wait to share our guest-room with you all once it's more organized! If you're going to visit us in Florida, you'll have a place to relax soon enough.

What's the inspiration for your favorite room?


  1. my inspiration is our interior designer :) I seriously don't have a knack for anything like this, so we work with someone. My favorite room is actually our powder room, which may seem weird. The wallpaper are leaves and vines, all in neutral and sage colors. The inspiration is the woods in our backyard. Our decor has really taken on an earthy feel due to our property. The powder room even has pictures of frogs, which are inspired from the creek that runs in the back. This was all chosen by our designer, and I just approved it.

  2. It looks awesome! Love those Ikea shelves. My favorite room is my bedroom. The inspiration...just a clean, calm and girly chic space (: I can't wait to see more of your room!

  3. Oh girl, I can totally sympathize with you here! We have an extra room and first it was the "wedding room" during the planning process. Now it is the storage room. Haha!!

  4. I love beach/sea themed anything! Our entire house is "beachy." Even our chandelier in our kitchen/dining room has palm trees on it. Our TV stand is a dock that my Dad built.I definitely have pictures of beach vacay's plastered on the walls in our home. I love the beach.love.