Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

Good Morning Everyone!

{ I hope you have a lovely day today. }

I always have a lovely morning
when I drink coffee out of this mug.

The story behind this coffee mug begins with a blog post from earlier this year. One of my very good friends surprised me by ordering two of these cute 'Good Morning' mugs and had them shipped to me for my birthday!

Now every time I enjoy a morning coffee in these mugs, I think of what a great friend I have (even though she's far away in California, she's close in heart) in my life. Drinking coffee out of these mugs reminds me of my dear friend and makes my mornings that much brighter!

I hope you have someone dear to you who helps you
have a 'good morning' too!


  1. Aww, I LOVE it!! I need one of those mugs stat!

    My coffee is starting to turn cold. Better drink up. Hope you have a lovely day, sweet friend!

  2. Those are super cute!!!!
    Love gifts that remind you of the person that gave them :)

  3. Awww ashley that's such a great mug! I wish I had a mug that would lift my spirits like that one.
    I just have a thermos that is made from reusable materials so everytime I use it I like that I'm "going green" in some little way :) Have a great Wednesday!


  4. CUTE! I feel like I need a special mug too!

  5. Those are adorable...and such a sweet gift!

  6. Cute mug!! That would make me smile each morning, too :)