Sunday, June 12, 2011

LOVE-ly Sunday

Hey friends, I hope you're all having a lovely Sunday! This blog post here is going to be all about love. Please excuse the lack of pictures, but I'm not sure I can find a picture to show you what I'm trying to say. Either way, it's Sunday, and I hope your weekend has been lovely!

As of recently, my heart has been a bit heavy. The emotion love, and it's definition, have been on my mind a lot lately, so I've been doing a lot of thinking about "love" and what it means. There are times when it seems tough to pinpoint exactly what love means, because it's so many ideas and feelings wrapped into one major emotion. Typically if someone loves you, you know it. Vice versa, when someone does not love you, you most likely know it. The great thing is that love is a choice. We all have the ability to see the good in people if we make the choice to do so. On the other hand, we all have the choice to see bad in everyone and hate them as well. Unfortunately, you can never make someone love you since it's their choice to love or hate you. All we can do is love everyone, because, in turn, they might learn to love as well. I hope that you all have experienced, or are experiencing now, love in your lives! It is a rather powerful emotion after all. (:

I have always known my parents love for me, and they have always taught me to love others unconditionally as well. They taught me to never judge a book by its cover. People's value does not come from the job they hold, the car they drive, the clothes they wear, or anything material. My parents also taught me that no one was better than, or above, me. I was obviously also taught that I was not better than anyone else either. We must love each other in the way that we would want to be loved! Thanks mom and dad for helping to teach me those things from a very young age. I love you for that! A girl could not ask for better or more loving parents.

With those things being said, I hope you're still with me!

Love is such a complicated and powerful emotion,
so I think it might be easier to explain what love is not.

Love is not....










All of the above things are negative, and love is nothing but positive!

My hope for this life is that I learn to love with all of my heart, and not just small pieces of it when I see fit. Everyone is deserving of love! If you deprive others of love, you're most likely probably depriving yourself as well. Sometimes you have to love in order to know love. Let's learn to live and love with no barriers, because we all deserve love! No one person is more deserving of love than another.

If you are my family or friend (even future possible friend), I promise to love you unconditionally. There is nothing you need to do better or differently, because I'll love you even when (notice I did not say "if") you make mistakes. Everyone messes up once in a while. There is nothing anyone can do that's unforgivable.

Also know that you will never need to earn my love, because I'll do my best to give it freely! That is who I am, and I intend to live a life of love!


  1. This is such a sweet post Ashley! And so very, very true!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend :)

  2. Such a beautiful post! This has been on my heart lately, too...for me to love my patients unconditionally, whether they are appreciative of me or not!

  3. This was beautiful post and a great setiment to live by. Thanks Ashley!

  4. Thanks girls. This is something I've been thinking about a lot lately. (:

  5. I love LOVE. And girl, I'll always love you too! You are so sweet, my dear, and this post proves it 100%. Love you, dahling!


  6. beautiful ideas and I agree very much with your ideas about love:) Spoken wisely. And I wish you a loving life, girl.

  7. This was so, so beautiful, Ash. Couldn't have said it better myself. I found this post very inspiring, and for that I thank you. :)