Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Sunday Currently | 22

Happy Sunday everyone.
I hope your weekend is going well.

{ one of my drawings that needs a little paint }

reading right now I'm reading Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge. I've really enjoyed it so far, and hopefully I'll finish in the next few days. I think I may start The Fellowship of the Ring next.
writing I should probably just change this to 'painting', because I've been doing much more of that than writing. Right now I'm doing some 4x6 watercolor paintings of Michigan inspired art. Think maps and lakes.
listening to this song:

Hold On by Alabama Shakes on Grooveshark

thinking that I still can't believe Michigan basketball made it to the Championship game this year! They are the youngest team, and they haven't made it this far in a couple decades. Awesome.
smelling the last of my cup of coffee. I could use another cup.
wishing that we had more friends in Florida. Sometimes it gets a little lonely, but we have to keep pushing forward. It reminds me that I have to work hard to keep the friends I do have... even if I don't see them very often. You learn to not take people for granted.
hoping to write some blog posts this week. I've been bad about it lately, and I hope to catch up on some emails too.
wearing some old ripped American Eagle jeans and a grey t-shirt. Nothing fancy here.
loving that we visited New Smyrna Beach for the first time last week. We love how the waves crash on the Atlantic side vs. the Gulf of Mexico. The beaches seem much more wild and untamed.
wanting to rent a wide angle and zoom lens from The bad part is, my camera bag isn't big enough to carry all of that equipment.
needing to get in a good workout a little more often than I currently to... oops.
feeling excited for some upcoming fun things. We're going to a Ryan Bingham concert, getting iPhones soon, taking a trip in May, and hopefully making a visit to Disney's Flower & Garden Festival later this month. Yeeehaw!
clicking through some emails and blogs.

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  1. Man, that Michigan game was bright to watch! I'm happy for them though!

  2. I loved Captivating--it inspired me so much when I read it. Reading it made me appreciate even more the beauty of being a woman, and how unique and special our souls really are. Enjoy it!

  3. That drawing is very cool. I'd love to see some of your paintings!

  4. I really want some new lenses for my camera- I had never heard of that site before, though! I`ll have to check it out! I desperately want a macro lenses, because I adore that kind of photography, but I find myself wondering how often I would really use it? Hard to say I guess.

    Happy Sunday :-)
    My Sunday Currently Post

  5. GO BLUE! I am so excited for the game tomorrow! We missed the game last night, but oh well. We're happy anyway! I want a wide angle lens, too! That's my next purchase, certainly!

    Happy Sunday!

  6. wait, why haven't I heard of borrowed lenses??

    Meeting adult friends is so hard. We move every two-three years too and I always get so nervous about making friends. By the time I finally make good ones, I feel like we are leaving again!

  7. Hello! Came across your blog from Sunday Currently!

    I now have that song in my Spotify playlists, lol!

    I am crossing my fingers that I am hopefully getting a iPhone soon too, yay!

    Fun Post!


  8. I can never seem to get enough coffee on Sundays. I can totally relate on the friendship thing. Making friends and maintaining friendships takes work and sadly it's been a real struggle for me. Moving several times hasn't helped that!

    Anyway, hope you have a great week! :)

  9. i completely agree about not having a lot of friends, making you learn to never take the friends that you DO have for granted. moving away from everyone has really made me treasure my friends & miss them & realllyyyy want to talk to them. in a way, it's a blessing.

    that is such a pretty drawing, by the way. makes me want to break out my pencils & paint!