Monday, April 8, 2013

Sanford, FL | Small Town Travels

While browsing through my photos in Lightroom, I realized that I haven't shared much of what we've been doing on my blog lately. I had quite a few pictures from February that never even made it on this blog, and I think some of them are worth sharing. Especially some of the pictures from downtown Sanford, Florida.

{ cute little cattle egret on a car }

This past February we spent a whole day wandering around downtown Sanford, Florida. We visited an art gallery that inspired me to do some of the painting I've been doing. We also enjoyed a delicious German meal at Hollerbach's Willow Tree Cafe. (more on that later) I took some pictures down by Sanford's waterfront too. It's such a quaint little downtown with cobblestone streets and local shops.

{ we need one of these for cruising }

The cooler February weather made our time in Sanford even more enjoyable, because we could bundle up and slowly take in the sights. Sometimes the heat makes you hurry on to the indoors. Winter is the perfect time for taking in everything a new place has to offer.

During our short visit to Sanford, we noticed a few different historical markers. One of them mentioned the history of riverboats that traveled from the east coast and down the St. John's River and on to Lake Monroe in Sanford. The town served as a major gateway to Central Florida for some time.

We found Sanford to be a charming small town, and its local shops, art galleries, and restaurants made it that much more endearing. The town possesses hope for life outside of the ever expanding and generic suburbs of many American cities. Sanford has an identity, sometimes imperfect, that's all its own. Visiting this small town is a refreshing break from everyday monotony.

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  1. You look SO cute in that picture! And your hair is getting long!
    What a perfect day! These are our favorite kind of days :) I can't WAIT for the weather to warm up so that we can spend time outside exploring with Mia!

  2. Looks like you guys had a fun time!

  3. These shots are great!!! You're sitting right across from where my oldest works. :)

    Florida has many treasures if you know where to look, I'm happy you guys are getting out to experience them! Next year you definitely need to check out the Balloon and sky Fest!!! I think you two would have loved it.