Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter | The Sunday Currently

Happy Easter

{ a snapshot from the 2010 Easter sunrise service at Red Rocks Amphitheater }

reading still working on finishing my last book... I know, it's taking forever. I'm hoping to find a new book to read soon. I need a good story!
writing an email here and there. Since I'm not big on sending texts, I tend to send emails to friends and family instead. I should try and write some blog posts drafts, but I'm sure I'll get distracted with other things, like basketball, today.
listening to a clock ticking in the distance and a jet flying overhead. It's fairly quiet at the moment. Let's hope the new downstairs neighbor's dog doesn't get to barking all day again.
thinking that I should probably get ready to watch basketball soon.
smelling the remnants of carpet cleaner from my lovely ink pen explosion that took place yesterday. There's nothing like cleaning up tiny little ink splatters all over the carpet, wall, your clothes, and computer desk. Yeah.
wishing for a Michigan basketball win today!
hoping that the basketball game doesn't turn out to be a nail biter like that last game against Kansas. I prefer a good old fashion butt whooping instead. :)
wearing at the moment... pajama pants, a white t-shirt, and my glasses.
loving that it's almost April. That means I'm getting closer to visiting Colorado and California in May. I can't wait to see family and friends!
wanting to get iPhones soon. After all these years of not having them, you'd think my patience would be better. It's not.
needing my husband to come home from work, because it's far too quiet around here!
feeling still stuffed from our Chipotle dinner last night. Ugh. We both ate way too much.
clicking through some clothing websites, seeing what kinds of virtual outfits I can put together. I just might put together a few looks on Polyvore too.

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  1. Ack, as if your pen exploded everywhere- that really sucks! I hope it all came out and there are no stains!

    Happy Easter :)

  2. The Red Rocks Easter service is on my Denver bucket list! Hopefully next year! Happy Easter!

  3. That sunrise service looks like it was amazing....I've never been to a sunrise service but I'd love to!

    Enjoy the rest of your Easter!

  4. I love my iphone! You will love your's too. I'm probably not helping your patience :-/

  5. So hard to believe that April starts tomorrow! As awesome as that is, it's a little unnerving that the older I get the faster the months and seasons pass. I really want to try Chipotle the next time I'm near one. I've heard good things. Have a great week!

    My Sunday currently

  6. i just discovered polyvore (i mean discovered how to use it!) and i love it!
    Helene in Between