Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Smyrna Beach, Florida

We recently discovered the wonders of another beautiful Florida beach. New Smyrna Beach is another picturesque spot on the Atlantic coast of Florida. After living on the Gulf side for over a year, the wild and untamed waves of the Atlantic are a welcome sight. We spotted people boogie boarding and surfing, not to mention plenty of people driving golf carts down the hard packed beach.

{ reading on the beach }

{ does anyone know what this bird is... I think it's some sort of plover, not sure which one }

{ my havaianas }

New Smyrna Beach allows driving on portions of the shoreline, and we appreciate the convenience of a drive-in beach every now and then. A nice breeze kept the temperatures enjoyable, so we spent enough time outside to squeeze in some smash ball and also get a bit of a sunburn.

Have you ever visited New Smyrna Beach?
What's your favorite thing about it?


  1. LOVE New Smyrna! So jealous of you right now :)

  2. Practically grew up on that beach!!!! So glad y'all enjoyed it! Oh and I love my Havaianas :)

  3. YAY!!!! It's awesome, isn't it?! Did you guys drive further down to Bethune and check out JB's Fish Camp? We headed over there after the air show and it was packed (but fun). I have a post in the works about it. Your photos, as always, are excellent!

    PS- the non driving portion is -much- nicer... Better shells. :)