Monday, March 11, 2013

Pretty Photos from Around the World

Last week we visited Disney World. That place is absolutely packed with the greatest little details. Everything from the sidewalk to the trees were thought about in some way. The architect in me loves every little bit of it.

All around Disney World I noticed endless amounts of beautiful flowers in bloom, and we even came across a lovely little rose garden near the castle. I'm guessing the rose garden is one of those places that gets very little attention from excited vacationers. Most children don't think of stopping to literally smell the roses, especially while they have Mickey Mouse on the brain. We really enjoyed the relief from the crowds that garden offered. It was a much needed peaceful spot in an otherwise bustling location.

I suppose knowing you can come back again soon, and having a few decades behind you, puts you in a more observant frame of mind at times. Having a nice camera around your neck doesn't hurt either. Looking around for the perfect angle, frame, or background is like an exciting treasure hunt. One that yields preserved memories to be saved for eternity. If I ever lose the digital file or photograph itself, I think some of these shots will be burned into my memory anyways.

Disney World has so much to offer aside from the rides, characters, and food. Looking around may result in sensory overload. You just have to take your time, slow down, and remember to stop and smell the roses.


  1. Love this. There are so many beautiful (non cartoon) things to photograph at the parks!

  2. The Disney parks blow me away every time I visit. So much thought and attention went into every little detail, it's practically impossible to take it all in on just one trip. Lovely photos!

  3. I've only been to Disneyland - we'll definitely make it up there when we visit Florida :)

  4. Disneyworld rocks. I grew up going at least once a year since my dad practically lived in Cocoa thanks to Hubble Space Telescope. (ahhh, now you know why my mom and dad are divorced, haha).
    But that place has so much to offer. I really wanted to go when we were in Orlando back in July, but my in-laws were intent on staying at the Peabody the whole. entire. time. I kinda wanted to go to Epcot, really. But that place is unreal. Such a system. Such a business. Such an experience. I need to do the "adult Disney" thing. Look at the flowers and appreciate it from a different eye. Some day... some day I'll see those flowers! So glad you had a great day!