Monday, March 18, 2013

Current Beauty Favorites

Growing up I wasn't much of a girly girl. Makeup wasn't really something I thought much about, and you could find me sweating on the volleyball court most days. However, over the years I'm slowly developing an appreciation for certain beauty products. I don't go crazy over many items, but I do have some favorite items that I can't stop using. Mascara and perfume are items I tend to splurge on when it comes to beauty products. Here are some of my current favorite items.

Current Beauty Favorites

Maybelline color whispers : For a girl who's afraid of lipstick, these are perfect. Something about lipstick scares me. Maybe I have an irrational fear of lip color ending up all over my teeth. I usually opt for sheer, or nude, shades on my lips. The first color whisper I purchased was Lust for Blush, and that wasn't quite enough color. After realizing the colors aren't too pigmented, I got brave and purchased Coral Ambition too. I love them both. Maybe I'll even go crazy and buy a fuchsia color. Probably not though. I need to start thinking of my lip color as part of my whole outfit, and think of it as art.

Lush products : Like I mentioned in this post, I just recently discovered the amazingness that is Lush. After smelling just about every single bath bomb in the store, I finally settled on the Twilight bath bomb. It's a combination of lavender and vanilla, and I kept going back to it's calming scent. I still have yet to use this. Not sure what I'm waiting for, but it's supposed to help you sleep. I usually don't have a problem sleeping, so I'm hoping this thing doesn't induce a coma-like sleep for 12 hours or something.

Black Orchid by Tom Ford : After watching Christina's perfume video on Pretty.Shiny.Sparkly, I learned a lot about the different notes within a perfume. It makes perfume interesting! Black Orchid has notes of bergamot, citrus, sandalwood, patchouli, and vanilla to name a few. I recently got a sample of this scent from Sephora, and I've been enjoying what little bit I have. Perfume is like wine to me, what goes into it is mostly a mystery to me. I just know when I like it. I tend to gravitate towards scents that have some sort of sandalwood or patchouli base. Black Orchid may be my next perfume purchase.

Benefit's They're Real Mascara : I've splurged on good mascara for quite a few years now, and there's no going back now. Many people swear by drugstore mascara, but I've never really had good luck with it. For years I wore Diorshow, but after trying some of Benefit's new They're Real mascara it's all I wear. It goes on nicely, stays all day, and doesn't clump. Those are all good things in my book.

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf : This was a recent birthday gift from my husband. After sampling Flowerbomb in a department store, I knew I had to have a bottle for myself. This perfume smells so delicious I want to eat it. It's not too floral, and it has base notes of patchouli like so many other perfumes I love. My previous favorite scent was Miss Dior, and it had the the base note of patchouli too. Apparently when it comes to scents, my nose knows best. :)

What are some of your current beauty favorites?
Do you like any of the ones I mentioned?


  1. I LOVE 'Whisper' as well! My latest color is 'Faint for Fuchsi' ! I, like you, was never big on the bolds but I love this one!!!

  2. I smile because I love how much you love your flowerbomb! My sister uses that mascara and swears by it. I should buy some. :)

  3. I am just the opposite. As a teen, i took 2 hours to get ready every morning and used tons of products. Now, I use the bare minimum. The things I can't live without- Clinique Black Honey gloss and pressed powder, A good black/brown mascara (I plan on trying out the brand you mentioned), Victorias Secret Pear and Love Spell lotions, Jo Malone grapefruit cologne and orange blossom scent (a little goes a long way) and Idealist pore refiner by Estee Lauder. oh, and a good eyelash curler. :)

    My stepdaughters mom works at Lush so we get tons of samples, they have the best stuff!!!