Friday, March 15, 2013

Look Out! The iPhones are Coming

Well, hello friends! I've been a terrible blogger since, um, probably January. It's been nice not feeling tied to the computer, but I'm afraid that feeling may not last forever. You see, we're purchasing iPhones next month. That's such an exciting thing, but it's also scary. My husband and I don't want to become one of 'those' people who can't pry themselves from their smart phone. Last week, I kid you not, we saw grown adults riding the Flying Dumbo ride at Disney (and that's not even the scary part) while not lifting their eyes from their cell phone screens even once. Look around for goodness sake! You're at Disney World, the place of magical details and colors. I have no idea what could be more important than taking in the lovely world around you.

are those storks delivering iPhones?

While it's exciting that we're finally becoming grown ups, or smart phone owners, I'm worried that they'll consume us. Hopefully having smart phones will be a novelty that wears off quickly. I have to admit, the thing I'm most excited for is having a decent camera that will be readily available at almost all times. However, I've been known to not answer a text message for days, so don't expect me to be available 24/7 after getting an iPhone. My husband thinks it's funny how I'll leave my phone at home when we go out, but I think it's just necessary at times.

In a way I feel like we have to enjoy this time before smart phones in the same way couples make the most of their time before having kids, because we all know that we'll have much less free time after we get smart phones. Yucky. That's terrible, but also sort of true.

This weekend I'm hoping to do some drawing, painting, and maybe even read a book. I'm also going to be walking slowly because I have majorly sore legs after attempting the 'Brazilian Butt Workout' that I stumbled across on Pinterest. I still want to keep my American butt, but I'd like to not look like a jello jiggler in a bikini. We all know it's just about summer here in Florida, so it's time to get my butt in shape. Why not start now?

Frog jumps, sliders, and donkey kicks may not sound that bad, but they are no joke you guys! I've still got sore legs from doing these workouts two days ago now. Not to mention, I couldn't even finish the whole workout. If you're interested in trying it, you can find the workout here.

I'm guessing just about everyone except for us has a smart phone.
How do you keep from being glued to your cell phone?

Happy Friday!


  1. This is exactly why my husband and I don't have smartphones yet. Unfortunately I think I am about to cave. It would be helpful to have for work....but more importantly, now that a baby is on the way, it would be nice to have a better camera to easily send baby pics to The Pilot while he's away! :) Thanks for the congrats, BTW.

  2. And the hardest thing to do after a killer leg workout is simply going to the bathroom. That's takes all the effort in the world to just sit down ha! I feel ya though. I need to get back on the workout train. I was doing so good in January…then super bowl had to swoop in and screw it all up.

    Yay for finally getting an iphone! Whoop!! Instagram has to be the first app you download. Has to be!! ;)
    Happy weekend, pretty girl!

  3. Oh boy you are jumping on the bandwagon! Just this morning I was thinking "I remember when I didn't have a smart phone. Wow."

    I despise donkey kicks. Ugh. But I would really love your weekend. We're being all sorts of St. Patty's Day social and I am NOT looking forward to it!

  4. I have to set time aside away from Social Media! Hubby and I both have a no phone/computer time because it would take away from our time together! I love Instagram! I am on there more than blogging and Facebooking. Gorgeous pictures btw! I need to try that Brazilian butt workout!

  5. I had a blackberry but for Christmas I got an iPhone and LOVE it! Yes, it's easy to get addicted but it also makes life easier. For example, I get blogger comments sent to my email on my iPhone and I can reply then and there {if appropriate} and don't have to wait to get home when they are all piled up to do so!

    Just make sure to limit yourself and I'm sure you'll love it!

    oh and let me know if you join Instagram {now THAT can be addicting} ha.

  6. I have to make a point to put my iphone where I wont look at it. I've turned off all notifications and sounds so I literally have to look at so all the social stuff doesn't bother me unless I intentionally look!