Saturday, September 1, 2012

Puzzled Over Football

No, I'm not actually puzzled about football itself. I know where my allegiance lies when it comes to football. I am a Michigan Wolverine and Denver Bronco fan through and through. Don't even try and change my mind. If there's one thing I am puzzled about though, it's why on earth you would ever want a nut as your mascot. That's just nuts! Some things will forever puzzle me.

Needless to say, I'm pumped about the start of my college football team's season today! I even busted out the Michigan Stadium puzzle my dad got me for Christmas. I figured it was the perfect time for a bit of excitement over the greatness that is Michigan football. Go Blue!

Another thing that actually puzzles me: how on earth is my brand new puzzle missing a piece?
What gives?!

Are you excited for football season?
I know I am. (:

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Michigan Stadium. The greatest place!

My dad and I on a football weekend at Ashley's in Ann Arbor

boys in blue!

graduation in The Big House when it was under construction

 Go Blue
"It's great.... to be... a Mich-i-gan Wol-ver-ine!"


  1. GO BLUE!

    I have your dad's hoodie. Just FYI. On my little street in my little neighborhood in Maryland we have some great friends who went to UM. It makes fall and winter a lot of fun, to have Michigan fans next door.

    Oh, and little known fact. I am the first in my family (3 generations) not to go to UM for undergrad. Truth of the matter is, I was waitlisted. :(

  2. That's an awesome puzzle! I am always excited for football season. But truth is , my team doesn't have a great mascot either... It's a pine tree :-(

  3. I m SO excited for football season but I'm more of an NFL fan than a college football fan. I went to a school that had an awesome basketball team but no football team. :(

    But... I am PUMPED for Wednesday night!! :)

  4. Gah, as Auburn fans we were hoping for a Michigan upset!

  5. Hey Ashley! I hate that I had to cheer against your team...ROOOOOLLLLL TIDE! ;) I had no idea you were a Michigan girl!! Here's hoping they have better luck for the next game! Hope you had a happy weekend! xo