Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Neapolitan Nails

You know your love for ice cream is deep rooted when it's the first thing you think of after looking at your newly painted nails. I can barely go one day without craving ice cream, and I probably think about it almost once a day. Obviously I don't eat the stuff every single day, but that doesn't stop me from thinking my nails look like the inside of a carton of ice cream Monday through Sunday.

Does this make you think of neapolitan ice cream, or is that just me?
{ viscid watch in sky from anthropologie }

Four colors was a bit much, so I repainted my ring finger using just three colors.
Clearly my ring finger looks like a combination of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.

I've only had a professional manicure once in my life. No joke.
Pedicures on the other hand, I've had plenty of those.
As you can see, my cuticles could use some help.

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Here are the nail polish colors I used for my neapolitan nail manicure.

 left to right: sephora by opi (similar)  essie: fiji  |  chinchilly  |  carry on

Do you have any favorite nail polish colors for fall?


  1. I'm obsessed with pale pink so I love the nails! I may need to get that shade now :p

  2. OMG! LOVE!!! How'd you do that?! They look so good.

  3. Love the look! And I dont get manicures ever either because I change my polish too much!

  4. That is such a cute detail! I wish I was more talented on things like that.

  5. pedicure schmedicure. I only get real pedicures for very important dates. I LOVE Essie's Chinchilly... it's a staple on my nails! That Fiji looks great... may need to seek it out!

  6. LOVE your nails! Was it hard to do that cute design?
    And I LOVE pedicures. I never waste my money on the manicures :)

  7. oh my gosh way too cute! I definitely need to do this. xo

  8. This looks amazing! You did such an amazing job. Following you now :)