Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Sunday Currently | 1

I first noticed Lauren doing a post like this on her blog, Siddathornton...
and I love the idea of reading my blog in the future and seeing what I was doing at that time.
I aim to post one of these each Sunday of every week. That's the goal for now.

reading Steve Jobs' biography by Walter Isaacson... his story will make you appreciate your technology that much more. He was a genius.
writing this blog post. Okay I took the easy way out on this one. Forgive me this time.
listening Did you see my Friday's Fancies blog post from yesterday. Clearly I'm obsessed with the song "Gangnam Style". That's what I've got stuck in my head at the moment. Yes, I also do the dance.
thinking about how much I miss the change of seasons that occurs in northern Michigan.
smelling the Gucci Guilty that I put on this morning after my shower. I currently have a tiny sample size but might need to upgrade to a bigger bottle once it's gone. Yum.
wishing we lived in Washington right about now. Looking at this kills me.
hoping that everything will work out, in regards to where we live, exactly the way it's supposed to work.
wearing a comfortable striped neon H&M top and my favorite pair of Paige denim.
loving that it's actually not in the 90s every single day, but I wouldn't really know since I stay in the a/c until the sun goes down.
wanting these gorgeous burgundy Paige skinny jeans! Seriously. They will be mine... maybe.
needing a trip to Michigan, Colorado.... or Washington.
feeling full after eating a big meal tonight.
clicking on too many clothing websites. I also pinned some things to my new pretties Pinterest board.

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Is there anything you're currently
doing that you'd like to share?

happy weekend to you (:

oh... and go link up with Lauren!


  1. OMG. I have Gangnam Style stuck in my head too!!! Probably because I listened to it a million times this weekend and learned the dance :) I like this idea!! I might copy you and Lauren.

  2. I think I have to copy this. ;) Those skinny jeans are a perfect color! Seattle has great weather, doesn't it? Who said anything about too much rain???

  3. i love your 'currently' post :) yay!

  4. I finally finished the Steve Jobs biography over the weekend. It was SO GOOD. Totally changed how I view technology, business, and Steve Jobs himself.