Thursday, September 6, 2012

Friday's Fancies { Back to School }

A return to school is something I haven't had to consider for over five years now. The inner nerd in me enjoys learning every day. I'm not sure I'll ever stop being a student, so I think it's only fair that I still get to brainstorm fall 2012 'back to school' outfits. What's the harm in that?

When I found out that "back to school" was this week's Friday's Fancies theme, it definitely got my creative gears turning. I ended up with a somewhat scholarly-looking, but also cute and comfortable, outfit for back to school. I hope you like it!

Back to School Fall 2012

I love how this J. Crew peter pan collar tee says "I'm not afraid to be intelligent and also well dressed." This top would be adorable with dark skinny jeans, colored denim, or maybe even a pencil skirt.

This shoulder tote by Longchamp is perfect for stashing books, notes, and ipad. I love how this Brahmin chevron print ipad sleeve keeps your tablet safe but also doubles as a clutch.

I adore my leopard print Sperrys, but these gold Sperry boat shoes go with just about anything. They add a little shine to any outfit. Not to mention, they're comfortable for lots of walking.

What back to school outfit would be complete without accessories? I love this la mer safari wrap watch from anthropologie and these gorgeous House of Harlow sunburst stud earrings.

Of course my back to school outfit wouldn't be complete without one of my very favorite nail polish colors, chinchilly by Essie. I just love how this gorgeous gray goes with everything!

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I don't miss college all-nighters in the architecture building, but I do miss my friends from college. We all ended up in various corners of the country. Thinking about architecture school evokes many emotions for me: excitement, frustration, annoyance, and even fun. I have many great memories of people and places from college, and I'm thankful for that.

With that, I'd like to end today with a song that reminds me of my college days.

The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song by The Flaming Lips on Grooveshark

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  1. i hear ya. big kid world comes so quickly. but love this look girl! great inspiration.


  2. love the peter pan color on that sweater - super cute! and i'm with you, I don't miss the all nighters, just the atmosphere

  3. That JCrew top is perfect! I love the whole look!

  4. If I had a favorite part of the outfit it would be the chinchilly & longchamp because they are fall wardrobe staples in my book. Most surprised piece of the outfit? The shiny Sperrys! I keep seeing these dazzlers around & I just can't figure out if I'd be able to pull them off. Although, I do love my Sperrys, that is no secret!!!

  5. YEAH! Love this look Ashley!! Especially the nail polish! I don't have Chinchilla....and now I need it!!!!!

  6. Ohhh, I just LOVE that J. Crew top -- I spotted that yesterday and am now plotting how it will end up in my closet. ;-)

  7. I love the gray nail polish and that longchamp bag!