Friday, August 10, 2012

Today is The Day!

I am getting my hair cut. My hair has not come in contact with a pair of scissors for over a year. You read that correctly. It has been over 12 whole months since this girl has got her hair cut. Until today.

Do you see how long my hair is? It actually touches my butt. It also gets in the way when I pee, workout, and it's also been known to get stuck in a seat belt or two when I get out of the car. Ouch.

Not to mention I must get rid of these very grown out highlights, which you can see in the form of a line, about a foot from the bottom of my hair. I achieved the 'ombre look' by not getting my hair cut for over a year* and letting old highlights grow out. That's how you do it folks. ;)

*I don't recommend doing this, because your hair ends up rather split and damaged at the ends
 { please excuse our almost-always slightly messy office behind me }

Maybe next time you see me
in photos my hair will be this short........

Don't worry I only used a clip in order to have pretend short hair.
I'm not sure that I'm ready for the real thing yet, but I am practicing.

Or maybe I will chicken out and just have the old highlighted part trimmed off of the bottom... I'm actually rather scared I'll miss it once it's gone. That's how life usually works.
You don't know what you've got til it's gone.
(you have that song stuck in your head now don't you?)

Today one of my very good friends, who I trust with all this hair, will have cut this hair and styled me into a new woman. She is one of few people on this earth who I trust to touch my hair with scissors and color. Amber, I know you will make my hair look great. (no pressure, lady... wink ) By the time all of you read this, I will have shorter hair on my head.

How short? I guess you will have to wait until next week to see.

Until then... I'll be enjoying my weekend in northern Michigan. (:
Happy weekend!


  1. Chop it and donate it to Locks of Love! I only have another inch or so to grow my hair before I can donate mine. :)

  2. The short hair suits you very well too!

    My hair looked very similar to yours until a couple weeks ago....same length, same color (including grown out highlights). I hadn't had a trim in 9 months Yay, Team Lazy! lol

    3" inches was all it took to get it looking thick and healthy again. You probably won't have to hack off as much as you think if you're not ready for a big change. No more getting it caught in chairs eithers :)

  3. I am with Amber, donate it. You will feel good about giving some child a wig and yours will grow back. I did that with mine about a year ago. i have another few inches to go and I will cut it again. Just make sure that if you had bleached highlights put in they remove them. You will look adorable with short hair :0)

  4. How exciting! I love getting haircuts. I'm that kind of weird girl that is not attached to her hair. I'd donate, but I've always died my hair, so I can't. But if you can, that's a great idea!

  5. Ooooh the suspense, ha! Guess great minds really do think alike. I got my hair cut today too. Can't wait to see how short it is :)

    Happy weekend, sweet friend!

  6. Its the first thing I noticed when I saw you, I almost didn't know it was you! I love it, its super cute! How long are you in town for? Hope you had a great weekend at home!

  7. LOVE your shirt! And cannot wait to see your new haircut. Have a great trip to Michigan :))