Saturday, August 25, 2012

Songs for Your Saturday

Many genres of music interest me, and right now I just so happen to be on a bit of a country kick. It sort of reminds me of small town living. Listening to country music has been a nice little escape from crowded Tampa Bay. I've put together a country music playlist for the weekend. I hope you enjoy it.

{ here's a pretty shot from the country to set the musical mood }
chimney rock in Nebraska

I really, really enjoy music. My dad's side of the family consisted of flute, piano, saxophone, and guitar players. I have another uncle who plays various string instruments and is always discovering great new musicians. One of my cousins is an incredible violin player, and I had a brief stint with the saxophone in middle school. I come by my love of music honestly.

Happy Saturday!

Which one of these songs on my playlist is your favorite?
What kind of music are you listening to currently?


  1. The House That Built Me gets me every time. We sold my childhood home when my parents got a divorced and moving day fell on my 16th birthday. This song makes me, my little sister AND my little brother cry. It hits close to home. And it's a gorgeous song.

  2. Great songs! Hope you guys are staying safe with the storm coming. =)

  3. So I'm not the biggest country fans, but sometimes I get on a real country kick. ;) It does make me feel good! LOVE LOVE the The House That Built Me....makes me teary every time. Happy week ahead...hope you aren't in Isaac's path!?

  4. mmm Josh Turner. I forgot how much I loved him.

    Currently I'm obsessed with the Ellie Goulding CD. Her song "lights" that is so popular doesn't even do justice to the rest of the CD. I actually skip "lights" because the others are SO good!