Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blog Updates and a Song

Call me stubborn, but I still can't quite bring myself to pay money for a more professional looking blog design. Maybe one of these days I'll work up the strength to fork over some cash for an update. It would probably serve me well to have some cute social media buttons in my sidebar or a freshened up header with a tag line, but I am simply stubborn... and sort of cheap when it comes to my blog.

For now though, I have made a few simple updates to this blog myself.

I finally switched the headshot that you see of me in my sidebar and on my blogger profile. It was about time for an update seeing how I just had over a foot of hair chopped off, and now my photo looks more like me at this point in time. (:

I also updated the travel page. You can click on the 'travel' tab directly under my blog header at the top of the page to view the updated page. The updates include lots of links to blog posts I wrote about places that my husband and I have visited together. I also included a little more about why I love to see the world.

Do any of you bloggers out there have a personalized blog design you love that didn't cost you much? 

I'm talking about spending maybe $50 here folks. I've seen quite a few designers that will do full on custom blog designs starting at around $200, and I just don't think my blog gets enough attention to warrant that kind of price. Any suggestions?

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Currently listening to:

White Moth by Xavier Rudd on Grooveshark

Have any favorite songs at the moment?


  1. I did the design for Big Mario Life myself but I bought a template from Blog Milk for my business blog. It was only $59 and I definitely customized a lot of it (the header, fonts, links, photo, colors, etc.)

  2. LOVE IT!!! My favorite song right now is the one by FUN. SO GOOD

  3. I think your blog looks nice! I can't remember the exact cost, but Brooke at Bright Wishes did my design for, I'm pretty sure, under a $100 (I think). I'm not sure that she's still designing, but she could probably make a recommendation. I wouldn't sweat it though. I think your blog nice! :)

  4. I bought a header and a few buttons from http://kristendanielledesigns.blogspot.com/ and it cost me $30.

    She had amazing turn around time. It's nothing fancy, but the cost was worth me not wasting time on it myself.

    BTW Just found your blog. Love it! :)