Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Barking Herons and Other Things

After feeling a bit cooped up in the apartment last week, we made the decision to get outside and finally do something. So we drove along the Gulf coast and found ourselves a nice little roadside park where we enjoyed our impromptu homemade lunch waterside.

My husband's flying job has him on reserve (basically he's on call) almost every single day, so we can't get too far from home, or the airport, depending on how you look at things. Him being on reserve definitely puts a kink in our lives most days, but we managed to get out for an afternoon. It just meant bringing Nate's uniform with us just in case he got called for a flight. Thank goodness my husband's work never did call.

After driving south of a very crowded Clearwater Beach, we came across a quiet little park near Redington Shores. We parked our butts on a nice little bench next to the intracoastal, and we enjoyed our roasted chicken and provolone sandwiches. After inhaling slowly eating our lunch, Nate dipped his toes in the intracoastal, and I got a little too close to an agitated Great Blue Heron. Yes, you heard that correctly.

I was really trying my hardest not to harass the wildlife, but with a 50mm prime lens on your camera getting close enough (we're talking just a few feet away at one point) for a decent shot is a must. I swear one of these days I'll get a zoom lens, and then I won't have to piss off any more birds. That will be the day.

Did you know that the Great Blue Heron makes a barking noise when annoyed? Well, they do. Unfortunately I know from experience. Wikipedia says that the heron's voice can be described as the following: The call is a harsh croak. The heron is most vocal during the breeding season, but will call occasionally at any time of the year in territorial disputes or if disturbed. 

You learn something new every day, huh? Apparently I encountered one disturbed heron, either that or we were about to throw down in a territorial dispute. I'm glad it was not the latter. That could have ended badly... for the heron.

Enjoy your day!

Now you don't have to watch National Geographic today.
You're welcome. (:


  1. they bark?? i had no idea. that is great you and your man got an afternoon together and fortunately he didn't have to get called in!

  2. Great pictures! Reserve is the worst! Greg has had his fair share over the years. Here's hoping your husband can hold a line soon!