Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yellow and Blue Bedroom

Last week while spending some time on Pinterest {someone *cough this girl cough* has a slight addiction} I came across this chevron patterned duvet cover from West Elm. Let's just say that it really got my creative juices flowing. I love the idea of adding a fun pattern and a bit of punchy color to our bedroom.

The light brown and blue bedding we currently have in our bedroom just doesn't excite me anymore. If we get this chevron duvet cover, I would add some printed colorful pillows like these, a colorful throw, and maybe even this pillow .

Maybe the Florida sunshine is rubbing off on me a bit?

I created this collage as inspiration...
Chartreuse and Blue Bedroom

... and our current bedding...

Brown and blue... not exciting.

Change is in the  air  throw pillows & chevron duvet.
I see some room updates in the near future.

{ Do you have any favorite colors
for use in your own bedroom? }


  1. Love the blue and yellow combos! Great collage, sista!! Have fun picking out everything. I can't wait to this with the new house :)


  2. Florida is DEF rubbing off on you ;)

    Love the inspiration collage!!!!

  3. that chevron duvet is to DIE for! And don't worry, you're among many Pinterest addicts ;) hope you're doing well!

  4. I just re-did our bed decor after Christmas to be more beachy and blue. I was actually going to do a post about it soon since the finishing touches just came in the mail. I actually like the brown and blue you have, but yellow is bright too!

  5. What a cute collage! Pinterest is the best. We are in the process of making our babies nursery yellow and blue, love that combo!

  6. new follower here :) LOVE this post... blue and yellow are such mellow colors, perfect mood hues for a bedroom. great choice! have a good day! xx