Monday, January 23, 2012

Live a Life With No Regrets

I recently viewed this opening scene from Midnight in Paris, and it brought back so many amazing memories, feelings, and thoughts from the few short days I spent there over five years ago.

Watching this clip, while being inspired, I also felt very sad. During my short time in Paris, I wish I had done so many things differently. I now know that I cannot go back and do it over, but if I could go again I would do it differently this time.

First of all, I would take more pictures! When I went to Europe during my last semester of college, I was not into photography the way that I am now. I would look at the city very differently if given another chance. I would also attempt to learn some French before going again, because the natives seem to be much more welcoming if you know at least a little of their mother tongue. There would also be more time spent stopping to smell the fresh baked breads and freshly brewed cappuccinos. Then I would spend the money to eat and drink them. I would take more time to stop, savor, remember, and drink in the beauty of an incredible city. Hindsight is always 20/20.

Here are a couple photos I took while in Paris in 2006.

I did not take nearly enough photos while I was there,
but these are great reminders of my trip.

Hopefully some day I will visit Paris again, but I am sad about the thought of never going again and not having taken the time to really take it all in the first time. That's sort of like life. We get one shot at this crazy adventure, and we hope to leave without regrets. Every day brings many opportunities to seize the day, so hopefully we'll take our blessings and make the best of them.

Each day is new. Make the most of each and every day with what you are given.


  1. At least you got to go see Paris! I would love to! Def a great reminder to make the most of each day :)

  2. I absolutely LOVED that movie! I am dying to go to Paris & that movie made me want to go even more.

    I hope you get to go back someday & get to take lots more pictures! Have a great day Ashley :)

  3. I just watched this movie, and the opening scenes sold me on Paris. Now I'm itching to move there! It made me realise that I need to spend more time in all the lovely locations we've lived, and just take it in. Hope you find a way to get back and visit!