Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You're Invited to the (Arm) Party

Right now, you just might find yourself asking what is an arm party anyways? I wondered the same thing when I heard the term, but today I'm hosting an arm party all my own. You're invited!

{If the party gets too rowdy, you can always kick someone out.}

By hosting an arm party, I really mean wearing an arm full of fun bracelets. The great thing about an arm party is that you get to invite any kind of bracelet you want. You know, you might include the colorful one with all of the spunk, or maybe you want to invite the bracelet that will be sure to keep everyone else in check or even the single wallflower bangle. Today I invited handmade hemp and yarn bracelets paired with silver, sparkly, and beaded bracelets. They're all invited, and when you put all of these unique individuals together it's sure to be a par-tay!

{  arm party top to bottom:  Dillard's (wore on our wedding day)
homemade by my cousin  |  gifted (see this post)  |  turquoise bangle from forever21
handmade by moi  |  Tiffany & Co. (gift)  }

Want to know something else that's great about the arm party? It's so much fun that it can distract viewers from spending too much time looking at your lackluster outfit. When you want to wear a baggy shirt and frayed denim shorts, just throw on an arm party to breath a little life into an uninspired outfit.

{ I purchased that green ring on a beach in Italy... but that deserves its own blog post }

Maybe someday I'll get to feeling brave and wear a crazy arm party while covering my body with a potato sack. No. Not really. I probably won't do that, but the chances of getting away with it are good when you have an armful of fun bracelets to distract people. The arm party is never boring. Now let's get this (arm) party started!

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Oh. I almost forgot!
Today you can also find me over at Patchie[Verbs] sharing
one of my very favorite waterside getaways. There are lots of pretty pictures too!
Go and read all about it. (:


  1. You are SO adorable. Have I told you that before?? You're seriously adorable. : )

  2. Hey I participated in the BDIB challenege too! I came across your link and I'm loving your arm party! The handmade vibe is so chic!


  3. I love the color trend to your arm party the turquoise is very pretty!

    robyn of boluxe.wordpress.com/2011/08/02/were-having-an-arm-party-on-the-radio-internet/

  4. loving your arm party of different kind of bracelets. It brought to my mind the first time I saw I friend of mine combining totally different bracelets together, which was more than a decade ago...I guess she was fashion forward :P

  5. seriously so cute girl :) i would love to get a friendship bracelet because they're adorable and just give a pop of color! ahhh! xo

  6. Where have I been? Love your new header!! And this arm party is awesome. Love all the eye candy :) And I disagree with the statement "lackluster outfit". You look so comfortable!!


  7. You are sooo hot lil mama!!! And tan! ;) Love the bracelets!!! I need to accessorize more, I can just never justify paying for jewelry, lol. Shame on me. My poor arm/wrist.

  8. I LOVE arm parties and this is a great one.

  9. I LOVE the party on your arm! :) I am slightly obsessed with friendship bracelets at the moment but can not figure out how to make them!

  10. LOVE your arm party! Your half moon mani is super cute too!

  11. I am LOVING your take on the BDIB challenge! And just for the record, I also think your manicure & your outfit look fab. ;)

    So glad I just found your blog. We're now following! We'd love for you to visit ours sometime...please feel free to follow back if you do!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  12. I love an arm filled with bracelets =] and I love the blue colors

  13. I LOVE this party!
    One of the best that I've seen!

    xx Grace

  14. Love that challenge and love your arm pary!

  15. I love your frienship bracelets and I think the outfit is cute! Great blog!

  16. Ok I'm kind of late to this game, but I LOVE the arm party! Need to load up on some bangles and have one myself!