Thursday, August 18, 2011

In the Bag!

Today is day 18 of the photo challenge over at All Kinds of Complicated,
so that means I'm sharing what's in my bag.

Yes. I'm one of those girls who carries around a big purse, or duffel bag as I like to call it, so I have lots of stuff inside it. Since there are so many random little things inside my bag, I'll share just a few of my essentials.

I think the only item that really stands out as odd is the Flip video camera. You mean you don't carry around a video camera in your purse? I bought this video camera, after my husband and I moved to Florida, in hopes of capturing fun videos to share with family and friends. You just never know when you might need to hop out of the car to video an alligator or two (like in these videos HERE). Not to mention catching the occasional shuttle launch (you can read about that HERE). Video cameras actually really come in handy for sharing fun stuff with loved ones who are far away.

Anyways, that's what you'll find in my bag.
Unfortunately my dSLR camera does not fit in my purse,
or you would probably find that in there too!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Oh and speaking about photography, you can find me guest blogging for a dear blog friend.
Alisha is has an etsy shop featuring some wonderful photography of hers.
Check out her photos while browsing her blog!

Anyways, what are you waiting for?
Head over to her blog, because I'm sharing a recipe for some very delicious macaroni & cheese.
You're hungry, right? Go visit Alisha's blog: Alisha and Brandon


  1. I carry a lot in my purse too. And although it is a big bag, it looks like you keep it organized!

  2. I don't think that's odd at all. I would totally carry it around everywhere too, but I record videos with my little camera! I think that's the only item I don't have in my bag!

    PS: I posted about the peach apple cobbler today :)

  3. I have used that lip gloss. Good stuff! I prayed for some balance in your life this morning, hon!

  4. Thanks for the sweet words about me, Ash! :) And thanks even more helping me out while I'm away!! You're the best!

  5. I carry a huge bag too! People always ask why my bag is so big and I say it's because I have a lot of stuff... But when I look inside I really don't need a lot of it. Oh well. I love your planner, it's so cute!

  6. what a cute little planner!! where did you get it?

  7. I love mac and cheese, yum! And that Bliss hand cream is my favorite! I have the body cream too!!!
    Aesthetic Lounge

  8. why have I been MIA from your blog for weeks? probably because I suck. Ugh.

    I want a flip video camera really bad! Mostly so I can send you videos of Michigan and make you want to move back so you can be my real life friend! mwa-ha-ha-ha! (that is an evil plan

    wow, I need coffee before I go commenting on blogs! Speaking of-- I am hosting a giveaway for ashley from the shine project today. Come and enter! The Shine Project Giveaway

    p.s. did you see that abc news named sleeping bear dunes the most beautiful place in america?!

  9. I enjoy the whats in the bag posts! And ohhh my. That mac&cheese is calling my name!!!!!

  10. ove this girl :) ha i did one a while back and its so fun to see what everyone carries in their own bags! xo

  11. I have a huge bag, too...with lots of the same stuff in it as your bag! I have a coach wallet, too! And sunglasses, notebook, camera, lip gloss, lotion...all the goodies!