Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Balancing Act & a Photo Challenge

Why does achieving balance in life have to be so difficult? Lately I've been having a hard time balancing everything that I would love to do. Not to mention doing the things I also need to do. There just don't seem to be enough hours in the day to do it all. There also don't seem to be enough dollars in the bank account to do much other than just get by for now.


Balancing all parts of life is much more difficult than when I was in college, because there were less responsibilities then and only one person, that was me, to worry about years ago. Now I have another person, my husband, to take care of as well. He is very high on my list of priorities, and sometimes I feel like such a failure when I have no energy to cook us dinner. Ramen noodles and turkey sandwiches seem to have replaced the chicken dinners that we were used to eating. Not to mention that ramen noodles are cheaper, and they're one thing that seems to work very well on a tight budget. As much as I'd love to come home and cook healthy and delicious meals for us, our finances and time constraints get in the way. Learning how to balance every part of life is never-ending.

There's also the fact that we just moved across the country, and it seems like I never have enough time to squeeze in a phone call to family and friends anymore either. I surely hope they haven't forgotten me, because I think about them often. It's hard to show you care from thousands of miles away. I wish I had enough time to tell each and every one of them how much I love and miss them each day of my life!

This balance thing only seems to get tougher with age. I know I need to be more kind with myself, because most of the time I'm my own worst enemy. It's just that I have such high expectations for myself, and when I don't meet them it feels like a big giant failure. Balance, why are you so difficult to achieve?

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With the whole balance thing being an issue lately, I've decided to start doing a few photo challenge posts. Instead of wracking my brain for blog post thoughts and ideas, I'll share a photo from our life!

One of my favorite blogger friends, Michelle, over at Michabella Living a Life of Love thought of me when she saw a fun photo challenge over on All Kinds of Complicated. Isn't that sweet of her?! I'm so happy that Michelle thought of me when she saw this fun challenge.


The challenge started at the beginning of August, but I'm just now joining.
I'll be starting today on Day 17, and, since I'm starting so late,
I will carry this into the first half of September as well.

I quickly fell in love with this quirky little fish. While shopping at Anthropologie, I noticed this little guy on a shelf next to some soaps and candles. I knew it would be right at home in our office. I threw some of my earrings inside of it's mouth. Who knows, it might even be at home next to the bathroom sink.

Happy Wednesday!
What's on your shelf?


  1. Dido again! I totally agree with you Ashley! Sometimes when life comes at me, it take me a bit to learn to adjust to it. I'm terrified for when I have kids... its going to be so much harder to adjust haha.
    Don't worry girl, you'll adjust and life will slow down for you :)

  2. Balancing our lives is no small feat. It takes energy to do that. It takes so much out of us, and sometimes I just want to give up and throw in the towel. It's a daily thing, and we can only attempt to balance our crazy lives. Take it one day at a time! You'll get there. :)


  3. Check out for recipe inspiration - they have a special section for under $10 meals for two and there's some great stuff in there!

    I feel you with trying to balance time and life - especially now working a 40-hour-a-week job it's even harder!

  4. I use to freak out about balancing everything in my life, and the one day gave up. Some days I get things done, some days my to-do lists doesn't budge. I find that life is about the small changes in daily life.

    As far as moving across the country and not having time to keep in touch... the idea scares me to death as our move comes up. I hope that you will find a way and share with me :-)

  5. I remember those ramen days & thinking, fancy career my ass while I was the one working in an office & bartending nights. And really that wasn't so long ago. Hang in there-he'll upgrade in a blink and these days will be distant memories.

  6. the balancing act is definitely an art (and is it just me, or do women have to deal with it more than men?) i also am living 1000's of miles away from my family and friends, working 10 hour days so I have to cram in all the phone calls on the weekend; definitely sucks so much time!

  7. My heart goes out to you, sweet girl. Life, especially these days, is soooo demanding! It makes us unhealthy. It makes us unhappy. I'm praying that you find some balance in your life.

    I like your on the shelf trinket! Very unique :)

  8. You are sooo right: balance IS elusive. I would encourage you to focus on two or three things that are top priorities for your day, and really make time for them first (heck, you can even make dinner in the morning!) might be surprised how other things fall into place, and how you can be easier on yourself when the other not-so-priorities don't get done. At least you will know that the most important things are checked off the list! Good luck!

  9. Balancing life truly is so hard! You can do it though girl friend!!! I am so glad you are doing the photo challenge :) And oh my goodness...that fish is SO CUTE! I can't go into Anthropologie...too many cute stuff. They have the cutest cupcake stuff weakness these days. xoxoxoxox

  10. So I hope it's not weird, but I just read this entry, and I found myself nodding and sighing with the first part about time-juggling! I know we haven't met in person and I've been following your blog for a grand total of 7 minutes but I totally feel like a close friend to you, having read it.

    -Ariana at