Monday, August 8, 2011

Home Sweet Seaside-Inspired Home

It's no surprise that I love anything inspired by the sea. You can't go very far, actually you can't go one step, in our apartment without seeing something that suggests you're on a beach or a boat. I think only a coastal-inspired soundtrack, filled with seagulls and waves crashing, would complete the experience. Either that or we could move into a house on the beach. Now that would be the day.

Until we buy and move into our perfect beach-side getaway, I'll continue decorating our place with items that make us feel almost like we're on a beach vacation while sitting on the sofa. Nautical looking lanterns, sea-inspired artwork, and seashells collected over the years take their places on our tables, shelves, and walls.

1. I found the starfish, glass jar, and cork stopper at Patina antique store in Denver. Since we have access to the beach now, I'm hoping to find some starfish myself. What better way, except maybe having an aquarium, to bring the sea to your home than by sharing these lovely little marine creatures?

2. I love filling jars and candle holders with sand and seashells. If you can't spend every waking moment on the beach, then bring the beach to you.

3. Even our bathroom has a sea glass inspired palette.

4. The lanterns on our dining room table sort of make it feel like we're dining seaside. Behind our table you'll find a piece of artwork featuring some delicious looking seafood. Since we can't afford lobster and crab, we might as well look at it while we eat chicken and rice, right?! ;)

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Recently I've pinned a few inspiring images
to my Pinterest boards.

You can see my love for sea inspired colors come to life in these images.
I look forward to having a house
that we can make our own some day.

Until then, I'll keep pinning inspiring ideas!


  1. I keep little vials of sand from every beach I've been and label them. haha I love it !

  2. Oh wow that kitchen is amazing! I have to show hubby that photo so I can make it be our kitchen :) hehe xoxo

  3. That kitchen! Awe, I love!

  4. I love the little touches of beach chic you've added to your place! Nothing makes me happier than beach decor...sand, shells, nautical stripes!

    And...I love the pics from your pinterest! I need to get an account, it seems pretty neat!

    xx Katy

  5. Oh wow! I love the the little snippets of pictures of your sea inspired parts of your place! I want mine own house too! Maybe someday I'll be able to spend money on decorating...but I love the look! :)

    And thanks for the idea of going to Vesta Dipping Grill! I will def look into it!!! Because I haven't lived in CO for like 5 years I feel like I have to explore it because I never really did in high school...and there is so much to do!!!

    Ashley Sloan

  6. These are great photos for design inspiration. I find that even the smallest changes, like putting cotton balls in a mason jar, can make a world of difference. Thanks for the beautiful pictures!