Monday, September 6, 2010

What's Your Fantasy?

I'm not talking about anything naughty... or even your wildest fantasy... I'm talking Fantasy Football!

This year (surprisingly) is my first time playing FF, and I couldn't be more excited to see how it works out. Nerdy, I know. The first thing that really got me excited was taking part in a live draft to choose the players on my dream team! I watched all the rounds of the NFL draft this year... so I was itching to put some of the knowledge I gained to the test. I even created some cheat sheets to aid me in the draft. The other thing I was looking forward to was naming my team. After what seemed like hours of searching the internet and going back and forth, I settled on Cutler's a Ditka. We're not really Jay Cutler fans around here. He was sort of a whiny baby, and in football that just doesn't fly! (I hope he throws lots of INTs this season) Too bad I can't name Fantasy Football teams for a living, because coming up with a creative and funny names is too much fun. I even came up with another name for my team but did not end up using it... it seemed a little inappropriate for an all girl FF league. Nate used the name I came up with instead, and the name of his FF team is SupOrton Tebow'ner (a little play on a couple of Bronco's last names). If anything, it made me laugh. :)

After all of the fun of naming my team, naming Nate's team, drafting players, and choosing a starting roster... I just hope that the players I picked stay healthy and score points! My fantasy is winning fantasy football this fall and that my team performs, but if they don't... I'll just trade their butts. How fun is that? ;)


  1. Fun! This year is my first to play FF too! The hubs is ALL ABOUT it every year. To the point that he watches the games with his laptop in his lap! I figured, "if you cant beat em', join em'!"

  2. Hehe... yes exactly, just join em! I'll be rooting for you. I got Adrian Peterson on my team, and I'm hoping he gets me some big points!