Friday, September 3, 2010

Dream Houses

Even if we had the money to buy a house right now... we probably would not do it. Not because we enjoy living in apartments... nope, that's not why. The unsure nature of our life is the reason we would not buy a house right now. With Nate being a pilot and the high chance of him being hired somewhere else in the next year, it does not make much sense for us to commit to something that big (and expensive) at this time in our lives. If we did buy a house in Colorado... we would probably have to put it up for sale in the next year, and I'm pretty sure we know that would not end very well. (Have you seen the number of foreclosures and brand new/unsold houses?!) Not to mention, Nate would probably have to commute if we lived in Colorado, and I would much rather live wherever he is based.... because that means seeing him maybe a few more days each month!  :)

Since we probably won't own a house any time soon, I have been getting my house fix by visiting some of the model houses on Denver's Parade of Homes instead. I'm thinking maybe I should spend more time visiting model houses around metro Denver, because that definitely helps with my lack-of-house-to-call-our-own blues. And when you tour model homes and make discoveries like this in the basement....

... how can you be blue? I wonder if the sales person would notice if I showed up each day just to climb that rock wall?! Notice how Nate takes up the entire height of the wall, and I appear to be clinging for dear life to a cliff side (minus that smile on my face). Yeah.

I gathered some design inspiration for the dream house I've been designing since I was maybe 10 years old. Man... designing a floor plan for a lake view is tough, because I want every single room to have a great view. However, I don't want our future dream house to be 100' long and 20' wide in order to do that. I'll just have to keep growing my design idea folder for a while longer until I can figure something out. In the mean time...

Nate found an office that he wanted... I told him that some day I'll design him a sweet office with airplane props, ship steering wheels, and old automobiles in it. :)

I like the windows in this living room... funny thing is, they don't have a nice view to the outside... but the dream house I'm designing will. Our dream house will also have a nice little window seat on the stair landing perfect for reading a book while gazing at the waves... aaaahh.

I have been obsessed with houses ever since I was a little girl and grew up with a dad working construction. He always took me (with some pleading involved) to tour beautiful houses, and I've loved them ever since. One day we'll have our own house.... but until then, I think I like the freedom of being able to move where we need.

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