Monday, September 20, 2010

Greater Than Just Football

Nate and I went to the Bronco's regular season home opener yesterday, and it was an extremely hot fall day. By extremely, I mean at least 100 degrees up there in our dark blue seats directly in the sun's glare. There was not a cloud in the sky for miles and miles. Yikes... so much for nice fall football weather. That aside, the Broncos clobbered the Seagulls (I mean Seahawks), and we had a pretty great time watching!

* opening day celebration *

* Old Glory *

Of course, a fighter jet flyover signaled the beginning of the game. The excitement was enough to get anyone at least a little riled up for the day. But it was the moment of silence for American troops that really had me teary eyed before the game started. Justin... you are dearly missed and not a moment passes where someone is not thinking of you. Thanks to all of the troops for doing what you do.

* fighter jet flyover *

Nate and I normally take a picture of ourselves at each game, but our faces were melting off in the sun so we would not have been recognizable in a picture. I also think that by the end of the season we will have climbed the same height as a 14'er (that's a 14,000 foot high mountain peak). I should look into counting steps and figure that one out this season. We are grateful to have season tickets this year, and we're definitely looking forward to the Broncos kicking some butt this season. Go Broncos!

p.s. Nate and I totally kicked butt in fantasy football this weekend.

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