Saturday, September 4, 2010

In With the New

The old book shelf is "new" again! I'm glad to have painted it before we move, because I know it probably was not going to happen after that. Not to mention... I really enjoyed painting it, and now I have the itch to paint everything I can think of that needs a little updating.  :) uh oh. I just might tackle (not literally) the shelves on our living room wall next...

Ta-da! The new book shelf

It was filled with books, baskets, and magazines before... but I sort of like it with less on it. We'll see how well that works for us. We have tons and tons and tons of books to fill it, so I'm guessing it won't look quite this neat after moving. Oh well. I'll just keep this picture as a memory of the neat-ness.

I did a little bit of distressing to the book shelf, but might have to be more aggressive... it's sort of tough to see it. You can always paint over any mistakes, right?  ;)

All in all... I think the book shelf "remodel" was pretty successful. Let's hope we don't scratch it up too badly in the move. However, I guess if we do I won't need to distress it later...

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