Thursday, August 5, 2010


So we are not actually without a television. We have two of them, but we no longer have satellite programming. I now predict less television watching in our future. Satellite was cut out of the budget to save a little money each month. Funny how it happened...

I mean... I would rather spend my time scrubbing our kitchen floor than watching television any day... wouldn't you?

Apparently, the satellite receiver/dish had stopped working, but I was not aware of this issue since I had not turned on the TV in days. Television is not where I spend my free time, it's here... writing blogs and researching "stuff". Meanwhile, Nate was on a short trip for work and was not aware of this satellite dilemma, so he turned on the television when he got home to find the satellite in upheaval. Imagine his confusion when I had no idea of this little problem. To top off our (Nate's) annoyance of the satellite's failure, our provider (whose name rhymes with Fish Fretwork) was going to charge us a fee for their repair people to fix it. That made us unhappy, so we decided to stick it to the man. Aka... we cancelled our service. Ha! Take that "Fish Fretwork".

This is the face I got when suggesting that we cancel satellite television. Sorry honey.

For now we're attempting to enjoy a more simple life full of antenna channels and home cooked meals. We both grew up with antenna channels, so it's really nothing new. Although, it is sort of new... because we actually get about 40 channels over our fancy pants "flat" antenna. Half of the channels we get just might be in Spanish, but I see this as an opportunity to brush up (aka re-learn) my Spanish speaking skills! Nate and I both remember, as children, getting maybe 5 channels over the antenna, and with our futuristic antenna I don't even have to go outside and rotate the antenna to try and pick up ABC any more... so take that satellite television! Nanana boo boo.

I can only imagine this is like weening a child off of a bottle. Hopefully this lack of channels does not hurt for very long. I do believe that it hurts Nate more than it hurts me. However, college football season this fall will be a trial, because if I'm "forced" each weekend to make a trip to LoDo's sports bar to watch Michigan play football... buying beer and breakfast burritos just might end up costing what we spend each month on cable/satellite anyway. I would rather spend our money on beer and burritos than satellite any day, but I'll have to take that one up with Nate. Hmmm... this could be interesting. So for now, we're saving some money and watching less television. Let's see how long this lasts. Wish us luck! :)

They could be the death of our satellite/cable rebellion. Only time will tell!

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