Friday, August 6, 2010

Failing to Fail

The funny thing about failure is that you need to try in order to fail. If you don't at least attempt something, then you can't fail. If you don't allow yourself to fail, then learning is impossible.

As funny as it seems, I have always been afraid of failure. (But I love to learn) This coming from the valedictorian of her class. Seriously though, attempting and failing does not come naturally for me. It seems like some people have perfected the art of failing and learning. They'll try anything once, and if they fail then no big deal, because at least they learned something and their ego feels fine. Me however, I very strongly dislike the idea of failing. Maybe if I learned to look at failure as a good thing, then it would not seem so horrible to fail at something. Accepting that failure will happen... over and over... and over, and allowing failure would really help me learn more about myself and my capabilities. Failure should be welcomed not pushed to the rear. Bring it on failure!

Don't these muscles intimidate you?! Bring it on, failure. You can't scare me.

The face of success is never the same. It might be wealthy and privileged, or it might be unfortunate but determined. Success could have blond hair or no hair at all. Success might be 6 foot tall, but it might be four feet tall too. The common factor in many success stories is a dream. When people have a dream, then they have hope, and when they have hope... they get fired up to act on their dream. Can your goals ever be too high? Are you constantly setting yourself up for failure? If you don't try for your dreams, then you can't fail... so maybe setting the highest dreams of all are fine as long as you at least try for them. The key word is try! The face of success is trial and error. Who wants it badly enough? Learn to try, fail, and hopefully succeed at reaching your goals. Maybe the winner is the person who attempts every single goal they have ever dreamt. What would happen if you brought every single dream you've ever had into reality? Every person, no matter their size, shape, or color, has the capability to fail or succeed at their attempts. Just a thought.

But do you have to flat out set yourself up for failure just for the sake of learning? Maybe. What's the worst that could happen? You might get that job that you never thought would be the "perfect fit". You might just discover a new passion. Attempting and failing, or who knows... maybe even succeeding, would be the worst two things that could happen. Learning to accept that one of those two things will happen is the difference between trying or not trying at all. Learn to fail! It can't be that bad, right? Failing to fail is the worst thing that could happen. Something good will come of all attempts at your goals. Go for it! Learn something new today.

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