Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bathroom Transformation

I am obsessed with the beach! Yeah, ob-sess-ed. My favorite blogs typically have something to do with the sea... whether it be design related to the sea, blogs about people who live near the water, or how to live a more simple life that's sea-inspired. I love it all.

Just a couple days ago I slathered some white painted on a floating shelf we have in the bathroom and the frame on a piece of wall art. Too bad I did not do a better job documenting that transformation, because it was a lot of fun changing something old into something new! It's looking much more like a beach in our bathroom with each passing day. I also made a visit to Home Goods (if you haven't been there yet, you might want to try and make time for a trip there... it's got lots of great deals) and purchased some cheap towels that reflect the colors of the beach. We're talking white, turquoise, and gray colors! Mmmmm. I can hear waves crashing just thinking about spending time in our sea-inspired bathroom now.   :)

This was the rather unattractive before picture of the framed wall art that was on the bathroom wall:
My architecture supplies and x-acto knife wielding skills really come in handy when changing things around our place   :)   (who said that my architecture degree is useless... oh wait, that was me... well, it's not useless... see!)

After dissecting the pieces, I painted the ugly golden brown frame a calming whitewashed beachy white:
* You can see the insides/guts of the frame to the right of this picture. I covered the "pretty" red color with turquoise scrapbook paper! Much better. *

* The result is much nicer than the funky red and gold thing that was there before! Loving the beach theme... and sorry for the lack of quality pics. The floating shelf below this wall art is also white now. *

Here's a few pics of some more beach inspired bathroom goodies:

(don't mind the brown washcloth...
I'm slowing weeding that color out of the bathroom)

* I love the seaglass-looking color of the soap dispenser, 
I've had that since college and still love it *

Now the good thing is that we have a much more soothing bathroom, but the bad thing is that I want to browse all of our belongings for more things to paint and transform....


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