Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Library is Free?!

Who likes free stuff? I know I do.  :)

I went to the Denver Public Library today. This was an assignment from my travel writing workshop instructor. Not to visit the library... but to go somewhere we had not been before. I had been inside the lobby once, but I actually perused some of the other floors this time. Holy cow, do they have a lot to offer! The great thing about the library is that it's all free! (That is unless you are notorious for returning things late, then it costs you something... depending on how late you are) I cannot think of a better deal then visiting your local library and getting a library card.

* Denver Public Library *

Nate and I move in a month to a different area in metro Denver, and we're looking forward to being down the street from a library. I'm thinking we'll get a library card and cancel Netflix... because... get this... you can get dvds at the library and check out 5 at a time! (ssshhh, don't tell anyone!) Yes... I said 5 dvds at once. Not to mention I cannot pick up my movies from Netflix via bicycle, but I can ride up the street and get books and movies at the library. Cool! The library seems like a resource that people forget about these days. I still love to have a book in my hands, because the internet cannot replace everything. :)

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