Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Want to Ride My Bicycle

I've been trying to win a bicycle from New Belgium Brewing for quite some time now. They are giving away a fat tire cruiser a day... yes, you heard me correctly. They are giving away one bike per day! I have been entering just about every single day to try and win this amazing custom bike... with no luck as of yet.

Maybe my desire to have a sweet cruiser bike some day is fueled by my memories of watching Pee Wee's Big Adventure as a child... man that bike was cool!

I already have a bike, but it's a mountain bike equipped with clipless pedals... so it's not always the most convenient to just hop on and go for a cruise. Not to mention, I just love the simplicity of a one speed cruiser bike. To top it off.... the bike that NBB is giving away has a little rack on the front conveniently sized to carry a six pack. How is that for ingenuity?! Yeah. That bike just screams "Ashley!", so cross your fingers for me.

Tryin to catch me "ridin dirty"

Plus... I just sort of feel like a bad arse on a one speed. Takes me back to my childhood days of riding around the driveway at my friends' house with crushed beer cans on our tires so our bikes sounded like motorcycles. Don't worry, we didn't drink the beer when we were that young... those cans came from our parents. We weren't that crazy as youngsters.... but we were pretty inventive!

If you want to try and win this bike (you have to live in a state where NBB distributes... sorry to my Michiganders) enter on their website. But if you win it, please can I take it for a spin? I promise not to wreck it! Thanks.


  1. Will you please put a basket and streamers on it if you win? Good luck :)