Friday, July 30, 2010

Small Minds

This is going to be a short blog. A small blog.

Today I was thinking about how I dislike small minds, but I think there are two kinds of small minds out there. There are the ones that are small because they aren't open to new ideas, and then there are also small minds that choose to be that way for necessity. Which of the two are you?

Small minds that are not open to new ideas and think they have it all figured out. Sorry, but life throws curve balls. You and I don't have all the solutions to life's problems. No one knows it all. Not you. Or me...

Some small minds choose to cut certain items from memory. These small minds omit things like worry, hatred, or regrets; they know there is no room for that. Some small minds know what's best for them... and they adjust accordingly.

Then there the really big minds that accept and take it all in. They take all of the good (not the bad) and cram it into their mind space, and they expand at each chance given to them. Big minds that get bigger with every opportunity amaze me.

Big minds are a completely different story.... gotta love those big minds.

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