Thursday, July 8, 2010

Beer/Fun Lovers Paradise

Both Nate and I are fans of beer... and I'm not talking about wanting to sit around and drink a case of Coors Light, although there's nothing wrong with that. When I say we love beer, I mean we really like drinking/trying just about any beer that's out there. One place, in particular though, is pretty near and dear to our beer drinker hearts.

New Belgium Brewery!
* located in Ft. Collins, CO * 

If you live in Colorado, chances are that you have at least heard of New Belgium Brewing (NBB). There's also a chance that if you live in the US of A you've heard of them too. Fat Tire is the beer that put NBB on the map. They continue today brewing beer that pushes the envelope and tastes delicious.

Not only do they brew great beer, but the brewery is a dream place of employment (at least for me it would be) and environmentally conscious too! I've been on tours of the brewery I think 3 different times now, and on each tour I learn something new. I also fainted during one tour... definitely not recommended, because it makes finishing the tour difficult. I blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alt-i-tude. (beware when arriving at DIA from sea level and immediately traveling to the brewery for a tour) On our last brewery tour, my uncle, father, Nate, and I all went down the twisty slide. Any employer that is on board with having a slide at work is OK with me! Slide on!!

Yeee-ha! "Happy fun place" aka New Belgium Brewery

If there are any environment, beer, or fun lovers out there, you will definitely want to make a trip to Ft. Collins, Colorado! You'll learn not only about beer and brewing, but what it means to love the life you live. The owners, Jeff and Kim, surely knew what they were doing when they started the company.

(click on the picture for more info about how New Belgium started)

Also, Nate and I would like to take this chance to thank New Belgium for putting some of their beers in cans now. We can take them anywhere, well... almost anywhere. (please drink responsibly) The cans of beer are great for taking to the pool (because glass is prohibited there), and cans are great for the golf course too!

* Thank you New Belgium! *

** Maybe... just maybe one day they'll distribute their beer in Michigan (then Nate and I will have to move), and if they do I hope I can be one of their few women "beer rangers", because let's be honest... I look pretty darn good in the uniform!

Beer Ranger Ashley
aka The Future Michigan Ranger
Current Favorite New Belgium Beer:  Belgo

Nate and I were just in the Liquid Center a couple of days ago, and we were very happy with our tasters of their new beer: Belgo! Yum yum!

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