Friday, July 2, 2010

More like "Coastal Loving"

I was thrilled to find a "surprise" in the mail today! (I really love surprises in the mail) It really wasn't a surprise though, because I was expecting it. I subscribed for Coastal Living magazine recently and received my first issue (July/Aug) today!

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That aside, I was even happier to find a short article titled "why we love the coast" inside the pages. Honestly, part of the reason that I subscribed to Coastal Living in the first place is because I'm missing home, and home for me is a beautiful and mostly peaceful lake in northern Michigan. So... in steps Coastal Living to bring a little slice of the coast to suburban Denver. Unfortunately, reading the list of reasons why Coastal Living loves life by the coast just made me miss it even more! Shoot. So I reminisced and elaborated a little on each reason they listed for loving the coast, so here goes:

1)  Coastal Living said, "At the beach, no one raises an eyebrow when the adults act like kids."

* For some reason, being carefree on the lake always brings out the "kid" in people. I've seen it so many times, and it's fantastic. Somewhere along the way in life, it seems that people are discouraged to stop acting so "childish", and I think that's a real shame. So it's great that children and adults can come together near the coast, wherever that may be, and enjoy it at the same basic level. Who doesn't love to splash around a little when they get in the water? I know I've acted "childish" at the lake plenty of times. :)

2)  Coastal Living said, "Lounging under an umbrella for nine straight hours is considered normal."
Enough said. Doesn't Jimmy Buffet always say, "it's 5 o'clock somewhere"? If you can get away with it being 5pm all day on the coast, then please take advantage of that!

3)  Coastal Living said, "Our best memories are made there - on vacation, on a sunset walk, on a dare on a surfboard..."
I have so many great memories from growing up on the lake and vacationing (even honeymooning) on the coast! Everything from catching fireflies, collecting seashells, and swimming until turning into a prune... to sunset views and boat rides with friends. I've loved every second of my coastal memories... each... and every... second.

4)  Coastal Living said, "At get-togethers, the dress code is always "come as you are"."
* Really! Dress code? What's a dress code? Wear whatever is practical (probably a bathing suit... or maybe not), comfortable, and will keep you warm and mosquito-bite free on chilly evenings fireside. No one's paying attention to your clothes. They're probably contemplating, while gazing at the waves, something much more important than your outfit. Honestly.

(I wasn't joking.... t-shirt, bathing suit, puppy fur... it doesn't matter what you wear)

5)  Coastal Living said, "It's where we seem to get our best night's sleep."
* Not to mention how heavenly waking up to the sound of waves crashing on shore can be... mmmm. Can someone please find me a giant conch shell to place next to my ear?

6)  Coastal Living said, "Food tastes better at the shore. In fact, you're practically required to indulge. Ice cream before noon? But of course!"
* Somehow this really is true. Maybe pairing a meal with a setting sun makes it more enjoyable, or the community meals during a picnic at the lake do? I'm not sure why, but things really do taste better on the shore of your favorite waterside location!

(one of many picnics enjoyed while growing up at the lake)

7)  Coastal Living said, "Sea lions honk. Dolphins smile. Pelicans dive. Crabs crawl sideways -- how great is that?"
* Might I add; ducks swim, crayfish scurry, loons take flight, and eagles soar. There's a multitude of wildlife at your fingertips waiting at the coast. Enjoy it.

8)  Coastal Living said, "When you're on "beach time," everything is go with the flow. No schedules. No rushing. No stress.
* I repeat... no stress. Seriously, therapists should start recommending a day at the shore to reduce stress! I know it would do wonders for me at this moment. Just imagining the sounds of waves crashing even helps a little. :)  (where's that conch shell?)

* take a seat, you know you want to *

9)  Coastal Living said, "Cocktail hour is really a race between you and the melting ice."
* If this is your biggest concern in life, then something is right. Oh how I would love to be battling with a hot sun and melting ice cubes instead of life's other major issues!

10)  Coastal Living said, "Everybody smiles bigger when they have a sun-kissed glow on their cheeks."
* An extra dose of vitamin D once in a while does wonders. Try it sometime. Part of the sun-kissed "look" comes from getting out there and enjoying what nature has to offer! Thank goodness for our lakes, oceans, seas, rivers... and any other favorite coastal locations out there. :)

Since I'm missing my home coast, I'll have to rely on my Coastal Living magazine for a little pick me up now and then. :)

Dream It. Love It. Live It.

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