Thursday, July 1, 2010

Letters to Ashley

So I've seen this on a few other blogs that I read, and the first place where I saw this was Cleared For Takeoff and I thought that I would like to write some letters to myself too. It really is sort of like "free" therapy. :) So here goes...

Dear 10 year old Ashley,

You will begin to experience how cruel kids/classmates can be. It will just be the beginning, and some people will grow out of it and others never will. Try not to let it hurt you when boys tell you that "you're a carpenter's dream... flat as a board and never been nailed." You definitely want to stay away from boys that want to get in your pants at a such a young age. Most boys won't show much interest in you until high school any way, so you don't have to worry too much. Just do what your father always said and "be yourself and people will love you." Learn to love yourself, you're great!

Dear 11 year old Ashley,

Your best friend will make friends with girls much "cooler" than you, but don't be too tough on her... she's dealing with insecurities too. Everyone has them, and you're very good at understanding this from a young age. Try very very hard to always remember that. Most people need a little encouragement once in a while. All people need love. Don't be scared to give it. And your best friend.... she'll come around so don't let it bother you so much.

Dear 12 year old Ashley,

Try not to hate middle school so much. Don't be too tough on your parent's for not having the money to clothe you in the clothes that the "popular" kids wear. Not to mention your tiny body doesn't really fit into the clothes that most girls wear at your age anyway. You'll get a butt and boobs later (basically college) and pretty much dislike them. Don't let it bother you that no one thinks it's cool to play the saxophone or wear leggings and not jeans. Later you'll realize later how much sacrificing your parents did for you.... and love them that much more for it!

Dear 13-14 year old Ashley,

You're learning to be yourself and I'm so happy you decided to tryout for volleyball, because it ends up being really great for you and helps you gain confidence in yourself. It's one of your great loves in life, and you'll always look back on it with great fondness. Don't stress out too much about still not having your first boyfriend. You've never been in too much of a hurry to grow up, and try to keep it that way. You'll marry a man who respects and loves everything about you. I will repeat... do not worry!

Dear 14-17 year old Ashley,

You'll be doing very well in classes and well on your way to becoming the valedictorian of your class. Don't ever forget that when you set goals for yourself that you do attain them! You'll have your first boyfriend... and your first heartbreak. Don't let it get you down. Every experience you have in life makes you stronger. Learn something from everyone. All people have something to give.... including you. Never regret decisions in life, and always move forward. Don't dwell in the past.

Dear 18 year old Ashley,

Please don't spend so much time focusing on a boy. Remember to spend time working on friendships with your girls, because they are extremely important in life. Work harder at finding the right college for you... it will sneak up on you faster than you can count to three! Stop thinking that procrastination will always work for you... it won't. Work harder on being independent, then maybe college wouldn't have been such a culture shock. Never forget to thank your parents for everything that they have done for you!

Dear 19-23 year old Ashley,

See! College went faster than you thought it would. You struggled at first, and I'm proud of you for graduating... even if it did take 5 years and you enjoyed your "super senior" year at school. Leaving your friends and your new home will be tougher than you thought.... don't pretend it won't be. Also remember that you're going to marry the greatest man, so don't spend too much time on dead end relationships... but do try and learn something from them. Try not to be too scared of the future. You need to learn you can't control everything. Also... try not to stress out too much about your major, because you can always change what you do with your life. Change begins now.

Dear 24-25 year old Ashley,

You have moved away from Michigan... and all of your friends and most of your family. You drove yourself cross country alone, and I knew you would be fine. You have your first architecture job, and I couldn't be more proud... unless you find a job that you love, then that would be great too! You will meet the guy you'll marry. And you are ready for it! :) He's pretty much the greatest, so always treat him like it. You'll also be laid off from your first architecture job and work very hard to find your next one about 1 week later. Try not to struggle with it so much... you'll be there for 2 years. (that's longer than most people keep their jobs) It may not be the right place for you.

Dear 26-27 year old Ashley,

You will deal with unemployment in an economy that doesn't really support architecture and construction... try not to beat yourself up too badly. Also don't worry about what anyone else thinks about you. How you view yourself is the most important thing. There are many things in life that are outside of your control. All you can do is be yourself and keep working towards your goals. I have faith in you... and I know you will figure out something that will work for you and Nate. Even though you didn't have the wedding you always thought you would have... it was perfect! Never take people for granted, they won't be around forever. You can't always have everything you want, (but you do have everything you need) and don't ever forget that. Be happy with where you're at and never stop trying to be the best person that you can....

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