Sunday, July 18, 2010

Are You Ready?

It's almost time... are you ready...

... for some football!? Nate and I are extra excited for this fall, because we're Broncos season ticket holders this year. Heck yeah! Nate has been on the list for at least 7 years, and this year was his year. I don't get quite the same excitement about watching any other professional sport. There's just something great about watching dudes 3 times my size get on a field, face to face, and work together to win for their team. Aaaahhh, I can just hear the sound of pads and helmets crashing together now. Anyway.... sorry...

Before I moved to Colorado and met Nate, I didn't really watch much NFL football. Attending college at the University of Michigan, obviously I was a huge Michigan football fan, and college football was my thing. I do still cheer for my maize & blue! (Although it's been a tough few past years) I do still watch quite a lot of college football. However, since moving to Colorado and meeting Nate, I've become quite the NFL, and more specifically... Broncos fan. Never did I predict my future would consist of watching all rounds of the NFL draft, looking forward to attending pre-season training camp, sitting in the winter snow cheering for the Broncos, or actually being a season ticket holder for anything other than Michigan football. Wow! Maybe some day we'll also hold season tickets for Michigan football too. For now though, we are Broncos season ticket holders and will enjoy as many games as possible cheering for the Denver Broncos!

(Just pretend that cry baby #6 was never in this picture)

Hopefully I'm not jumping the gun by posting this so soon, but football season really isn't that far away... right? Anyway, training camp starts at Dove Valley in only about two weeks, so I don't really think I'm too early with the excitement. I was really excited after watching the draft... so at least we're a little closer to regular season now. Go Broncos and Go Blue! (not Big Red) hehehe... Honey, don't read that part.

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