Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Sunday Currently: No Chick-fil-A For You!

Why do I always crave Chick-fil-A on a Sunday?! It never fails.
I guess it's human to want what you can't have. Harumph.

please pass Go (Chick vil a) and do not collect $200 (chicken sandwich)

reading do catalogs count? Ha. It's about all I have time for any more. I desperately need to find time for reading. Oh how I miss reading!
writing just blog posts. I have a few in draft form, so we'll see if they ever come to life here on the blog.
listening to the sound of a pickup truck with loud pipes accelerating out on the main road near our house. Oh, and I also just heard some one's car tires squeak out on the asphalt. The joys of living in the suburbs.
thinking about how much I've grown to dislike grocery shopping. It's such a love/hate relationship. I love having food in the refrigerator, but I hate going to the store. :-P
smelling the faintest remnants of my perfume, Flowerbomb.
wishing for some time to do things that I love. I was teaching myself to crochet and sew, but those things have fallen by the wayside since raising a toddler takes most of my time these days.
hoping for fall temperatures when we visit Colorado later this month. I would love to wear my boots, or dare I mention a scarf, without sweating profusely.
wearing black shorts, an old long sleeve blouse from H&M, my Ray ban glasses, and Pandora bracelet.
loving that we get to see family in Colorado soon!
wanting to stop wanting so much. Ugh. Sometimes I get a little caught up in wanting things we don't have instead of focusing on everything we do. It's terrible getting caught up in that cycle.
needing to go grocery shopping. Typical. Oh, I could also use a little time connecting with the outdoors. It's been too long. I'd love to take a hike soon!
feeling ready for fall. I am so excited to get outside more often. We've been cooped up inside too long this summer. Cabin fever at its finest!
clicking hopefully through some blogs... I have got some catching up to do.

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Happy Sunday everyone!!


  1. I ALWAYS want Chick-fila-a on Sundays... such a difficult time. Where are you going in Colorado? I just visited there for the first time this summer and I am in love! It is definitely on the short-list of places to return visit.

    1. We used to live in Colorado, and we have a wedding to attend north of Boulder in the Longmont area. I hope you get to visit Colorado again! We miss it a lot. If you ever need travel recommendations, let me know. ;-)

  2. Ahh, chickfila Sunday's, story of my life! But today's Monday! So there's always today. Of course the desire probably won't be as strong again until next Sunday. Maybe treat yourself to chicken on the way to the store and then you'll have a lovely chickfila drink to walk around with while you shop :) two birds one stone, kinda?! Happy Monday!