Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hotel Murano :: Tacoma

Yesterday I recapped our time spent in Seattle. Today I'm sharing our experience at the Hotel Murano in Tacoma. It was quite the hotel.

It's not often that we stay in a hotel that should go on our list of places to stay again. However, my cousin's graduation from University of Puget Sound was one of those special occasions that calls for a boutique hotel experience. The Hotel Murano in Tacoma, Washington did not disappoint.

Upon entrance, your eyes are drawn to the various pieces of art on display. We spotted beautiful glass Viking boats hanging over the stairway that leads to meeting spaces below. There was also an eye-catching and shiny blown glass chandelier hanging near the check-in counter. Among other artwork, the building architecture is interesting as well. I loved the mix of warm and cool textures, materials, and artwork.

All of the hotel staff provided excellent service, and they were more than happy to help whenever needed. An extra set of hands on luggage is always welcome when traveling with a little one. Room service was also a savior when we didn't want to leave the room with our little guy who ended up with a little head cold from all our travels.

We walked into a guest room with really unique and interesting decor. The couch under our windows made a perfect perch for our son who loved staring at the tiny cars from our 14th floor room. There was one point in time where we were able to see Mt. Rainier. Too bad Mt. Rainier stayed in hiding for much of our trip. Although when it did come out, we thoroughly soaked up its presence. When it's out, you can't miss it. The clouds part, and the mountain looms over the area like a giant watchdog. You can't always see it, but it's out there. Even with the clouds, we enjoyed our views of Tacoma from our room.

We enjoyed dinner at the hotel's restaurant, Bite, on a couple of evenings. Their menu changes seasonally, so you can expect different menu items throughout the year. My aunt had her heart set on the beet carpaccio, but the waiter had informed us it was no longer on the menu. He said it had just been removed, but he told us if the chef still had beets it might be possible to have it. Lo and behold, they had the ingredients and would make us a plate. My aunt was thrilled, and we all happily enjoyed the beet carpaccio.

The fried green tomatoes were a hit as well. I can't pass up any meal consisting of kalamata olives and capers. "Nosiree!" Actually, I don't think any of us had a bad meal. I enjoyed the halibut, plus who can resist joking about having their meal "just for the hal-i-but". Cheesy. I know.

Even though our little guy was battling a head cold, we managed to enjoy some time just relaxing and taking in the views from our room. Again, room service is great when traveling with kids! We enjoyed a couple of meals with a view.

Tacoma seemed like such a thriving college city. There was always a bit of hustle and bustle occurring in and around the hotel. Having multiple college graduations on the same weekend may of had something to do with it, but there was a nice energy about the city.

Like Seattle, we didn't get to spend much time in Tacoma. Hopefully we'll return. The Museum of Glass was right down the road from the Hotel Murano, and we didn't even have enough free time to visit. Taking a 15 month old to a museum of glass seemed like a bad idea as well. It made me sweaty thinking about our child knocking over something fragile and expensive.

For a beautiful hotel within walking distance to some of Tacoma's attractions, the Hotel Murano fits the bill. If you don't want to leave the hotel, it's perfect too. You get to choose. Don't forget to check out the artwork on each floor as you exit the elevator. The Hotel Murano is an experience in itself. It really holds its own in a city like Tacoma.


  1. Looks like a great spot. I love that headboard too.

    1. Thanks Tiara! We had so much fun in Tacoma. I loved everything about the hotel decor. That headboard was one of the first things you notice when you walk into the room. It was perfect!