Monday, September 21, 2015

Sightseeing in Seattle

Back in May my cousin graduated from college in Tacoma, so we flew in from Phoenix to celebrate her achievements. This was our first time in Washington as a family. On a few occasions, my husband had briefly touched down in the state, but we were all finally able to set foot in Washington and see it from the ground.

People always tell you that the Pacific Northwest is green, cloudy, rainy, etc. You honestly have no idea until you actually see it with your own eyes though! It was truly everything people have said, but it was so much better. I'm honestly grieving the fact that we only had a few days to spend in the entire Seattle/Tacoma area. It just wasn't long enough.

Before heading off to Tacoma, we met up with my cousin in downtown Seattle. With a very limited few hours to spend there, we did what any tourists would do and visited the area near the Space Needle, the EMP (Experience Music Project) Museum, and the Pike Place Market. Total tourists we were!

Being an architecture major, I of course had to at least see Gehry's Experience Music Project. It's hard taking your eyes off of his colorful and sculptural design. It's amazing what a massive building the museum is, and you feel so small wandering around the undulating walls. The light and reflections off of the building are ever changing. We even caught a glimpse of the building from the monorail that rides right through it. I hope we get to spend more time in Seattle some day, because I really want to spend time browsing the inside and experience the music for myself. Maybe next time!

My cousin studied music and played violin in her college's orchestra, so it was especially fun getting her take on the museum and its exhibits. I'm going to need her to guide me through this monstrous museum. She did a wonderful job guiding us around Seattle for the few hours we were there.

After wandering around outside of the EMP Museum, we made our way to the monorail that dropped us off near Pike Place Market. I could have honestly spent an entire day eating my way around that place, so it pains me to say we only dropped into a couple of places while we were there. We did however eat some of the most delicious salmon stuffed pastries, mushroom stuffed pastries, and macarons.

Again, I hope to visit the Pike Place Market again after having not eaten for maybe a few days. Then I'll go wild and possibly need my stomach pumped from all of the seafood and desserts I'll eat there. I have big dreams, you guys.

I've had a change of heart (and conscience) recently, and my love for Starbucks is no longer. It's like I'm maturing and growing up or something. *yeah right* Even with my newfound disdain for the "SBux", I couldn't help but want to see the place where it all started.

Before Starbucks was busy taking over the world, they started as a little known local place right there in Seattle's Pike Place Market. It's a totally different experience than any other Starbucks store today. You can get a really nice pour over made with freshly roasted small batch coffees. The baristas provided an awesome atmosphere, and it was just fun to see where it all started.

My cousin couldn't quite bring herself to dancing with the devil, but I did enjoy a nice hot cup of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe. She provided great moral support though while I contemplated leaving before actually ordering a drink. Curiosity got the best of me though, and I walked out with my cup of coffee and souvenir mug in hand. Darn you Starbucks!

Before leaving, I obviously had to take the Instagram-worthy shot of our shoes and the worn wood floors. The entire experience is touristy, but where else will you be able to see the first Starbucks ever. You should go there at least once.

Doing the next touristy thing we could think of, we headed to the counter where they throw fresh caught fish! Actually, maybe they throw the smelly about-to-expire month old fish. I really have no idea. I can't imagine wanting to throw around my prized catch of the day though. Either way, these guys throw, and miraculously catch, heavy and slippery fish! Who knows, maybe they throw deflated fish that make for easier throwing and catching. Either way, it's a sight to see.

Before leaving the seafood counter, we scooped up a cup of their fresh Dungeness Crab with cocktail sauce. You can't beat fresh seafood! We saw a bunch of people taking a tour of Pike Place Market. They were stopped at the seafood counter while we were there, and they ask for volunteers to attempt catching a fish. That's how they get you! Only people on the tour get an opportunity like that. I'm not sure how much the tour cost, but I think I'd rather spend my money eating the fish than getting slimy attempting to catch one myself. I think we'd pass on the tour, but I do hope we go back to eat more seafood.

My cousin led us back to the monorail, and then we parted ways for the evening. We drove off to Tacoma, and she spent the night with friends in Seattle. I think we'll be back to experience more of the city some day. Like any city, it's just too big to experience in a few hours. You can really only touch on a few places with that kind of time.

See you later Seattle!
Thanks for letting us have a little taste of your city.

Come back later this week
for our visit to Tacoma!

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